Need 2019 season seats to guarantee Grey Cup tix?

I tried selling my tickets in Section 7 (50 yard line) in 1996 as I had no wish to watch the blew team. This was before the internet was so popular so I was limited in my marketing methods. I made a sign and hung it from my neck offering the tickets at face value. I stood in the Connaught and Sheraton lobbies but had no takers. (I guess all of the out-of-towners who were staying in those hotels already had their tickets, otherwise why would they come to Hamilton for the game?)

I was even asked by hotel security at the Sheraton to “take it outside” like I was a scalper or something. The SG’s actions bordered on being rude.

I eventually went to the game and chanted Eskie Wee Wee with a bunch of 'Mo fans. 8)

If only Dunigan didn’t get hurt. We had a chance that year to repeat 1972 (which I was also at) and win at home. :’(

2019 CGY ticket prices

Interesting how there is a different price for Grey Cup depending if you renew for one or two years. Did this happen with recent past Grey Cups and ST renewals? I’m almost 100% sure the Cats will do the same.

Overpriced. Why should i pay half of the total season ticket cost for one game?

Careful, I was reamed out for speaking this way a week back or so.

The CFL needs to realize the core fans can’t drop 200+, for the most part, on one game.

Then again, I guess they know what works.

I just can’t believe there are people out there that will spend 500-1000 on this, even if ticats don’t make it.

Buying a single ticket is manageable for most people but the cost could get scary once other family members want to also come to the game. You could easily end up dropping a couple thousand dollars for a few hours of entertainment. Not everyone has that much spare change lying around.

Don’t worry about being reamed out - it’s your money and you control how you spend it. It’s not like the team is guaranteeing a Cup appearance in 2021.

Here’s hoping we win in it 2019.

I’m debating rebuying seasons after forgoing them last year due to the team’s incredibly poor handling of the Art Briles debacle and the on field performance issues.

The ability to reserve is a factor, the price also is a factor, the fact Jones and Mitchell are still around is a factor (although Kent and Tillman being gone had to happen) but also how the team staff is going to treat me coming back. They seem to have already taken the credit off my old account for the playoffs the team didn’t make, so I think it’s going to come down to if they give my buddy a referral bonus for having me come back. If they try to say “No you don’t qualify, you were a ticket holder before.” I think I’ll take my chances that my buddy can get tickets.

I mean, they are asking three years of loyalty for the right to pay what will likely be $400+ tickets first. That’s already a bit much, and this also reeks of the Argos ticket debacle, when people who paid first were ripped off. I’m skeptical that someone who opts to just buy in 2021 isn’t going to get 1st to 4th crack at tickets anyways.

Hammer, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised at the cost of your tickets. I just purchased two additional season tickets, in the same section as my current seats, and was given them for the same price as my renewal seats. I don’t know about the referral bonus for your buddy, perhaps they will just give you credit on an Access Card?

I suggest you call a ticket representative and discuss pricing with him or her. I hope you will be dealt with as fairly as I feel I was.

That’s usually how it works. When you sign a new person up, you are supposed to get like $100 on your Ti-Cats access card towards team merch. Given that you bought the tickets under your name, they likely didn’t give you one and instead gave you your lower renewal price point, which is fine and fair.

However, I’m not renewing, I’m effectively buying new again. So if they try to say “Nope, that referral is only for new clients, not ones who have left and come back” then I’m likely to say no.

Boy Hammer you sure put a lot of parameters on your tickets purchasing. I like being a season holder for the simplicity of it.

Well, what can I say? I’m not about to drop the cost of Gold seats without some sort of scrutiny.

do you want to go to the games or not? I’ve already got my 2019 seats because… gasp I want to go to the games in 2019.

Sure the only way to guarantee GC tix is to have 2021 seasons,
the only way to guarantee 2021 seasons is to have 2020 seasons, and the only way to guarantee 2020 seasons is to have 2019 seasons. But who cares?

You’re overthinking it.

So I’ll ask again, real easy question, only two answers.

Do you want to go to the games this year, or no?

This question comes up in various forms over the years, and I find it tough to wrap my head around . For me it’s not even a choice. It’s woven into my DNA. I can’t even stomach the thought of missing a game! I’ve only missed 2 since coming home from overseas in 91, and that was because of my sick baby and an exam. But I get that its different for everyone.

If the value is there, yes, if it’s not then no. Is the value there?

Well, that’s not a yes or no question. I’d go in a second if the games were free if that’s what you are asking, but they aren’t, so kindly stop blustering and pretending dropping three quarters of a grand on something isn’t something you should think about.

Here’s a question for you…

If we were guaranteed that the Cats would be in the Grey Cup at home in Hamilton and you needed to own ST to get some sort of priority based on their current rules of owning them (currently based on seniority of consecutive years ownership of said tickets , which was the same rule for selecting seats at THF) would price still be an issue?
After 42 years of ST, the chance of me not renewing ST is slim. I’ll pass them onto my kids/grandkids until I die. But, I’ll certainly look at the price of Grey Cup tickets and decide then. I could barely afford 4 seats in 1996 but I’m glad I went. My kids still remember all the snow. Great family memories of that day.

If the festivities don’t go well or the team and city lose money, I may never see a home a Grey Cup again. In think I just made up my mind??.

The value portion is kind of implied.

You know the price, is it worth it to you? have a cookie, get a good think in, and figure it out.

Anybody know if the last few Grey Cups sold out well in advance? If not then those balking at the prices might be better off to wait for a last minute deal. Sometimes they practically give away the last few hundred tickets in order to make the stadium look full.

From my experience - I have attended several grey cups on last minute decisions (within 2 weeks of the game being played), in all cases I have paid well below the ticketed price.

Airfare is obviously more pricier the closer to the event, but I experience the ticket prices running in an opposite direction.

Did some google searches and this is what I found out.

2018 - Edmonton - Sold out day of the game from reporting, however it was reported they only had 4,800 seats in June. That said, Commonwealth is one of the largest stadium’s in the league.
2017 - Ottawa - Sold out a month before the game. Smaller stadium,but 1st of the new TD Place though. The most like Tim Horton’s Field in my opinion.
2016 - Toronto - Did not sell out, even after tickets were dramatically lowered in October
2015 - Winnipeg - Sold out two days before the game - 1st of the stadium.
2014 - Vancouver - Did not sell out, also one of the largest stadiums and had 3 years prior hosted
2013 - Regina - Sold out in July

To answer the earlier question of me, if I knew the Cats had a guarantee into the 2021 game, would price become a non-factor? No, price is always an issue, even with knowing the team would be in there, without knowing the price, I couldn’t say for sure. Part of that though may be due to getting screwed during the 2016 ticket debacle.