Need 2019 season seats to guarantee Grey Cup tix?

Im all for the cats and all for mr young and hosting in 2021 but… Only way to guarantee ticket for the game is by renewing in 2019 through to 2021 what happened to my last 28 yrs of dedication ???

Well, you weren’t planning on giving them up after 28 years were you?

Could be the season seats new sales pitch for sure$$$

The negativity around here is incredible.

This is a threat? Or are you just making this up?

Do you intend on cancelling? Or are you just hypothetically complaining about something that doesn’t affect you?

Personally I’m thrilled. I was worried with limited seating I would get bumped out of my seat. This guarantee means I will get my seat, cause I don’t threaten cancelling or boycotting.

Its a sales pitch n when they up the attendance for the game to 30k if they can watch the price of tix go up to… But u gotta buy in for the next 3 yrs to get blasted again

“Me and my family have had season tickets since 1739 and we are outraged, outraged I tell you and we have decided to …”

that does it, no more seasons tickets for me, grrrrr

Right now I would just like them to win THIS year. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

(Or in contemporary English, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” Matthew 6:34)

The way I read the announcement on seats was that we were guaranteed if we held 2019 seats. Does not say anything about 2020 or 2021, or am I not seeing something?

I agree with your reasoning about the 2019 season. Being a Season’s Ticket Holder for 2019 gives us “First access to your Ticats seats at the 2021 Grey Cup Game”—as the announcement reads. But what puzzles me is the next portion of that announcement. Namely, “(or available seats in a different Section)”—their brackets. Does this mean you could get bumped out of your regular seats–your seats OR equivalent seats? Or does this apply to people who want additional seats and might have to settle for another Section?

Q: As a Tiger-Cats Season Seat Holder, am I guaranteed Grey Cup tickets?
A: 2019 Tiger-Cats Season Seat Holders, who maintain consecutive ownership of their seats through the 2021 season, will be guaranteed Grey Cup tickets.

Q: Will I get my same Tiger-Cats seat for the Grey Cup game?
A: Tiger-Cats season seat holders receive right of first refusal to their Tiger-Cats season seat location for the Grey Cup game. In the rare instance where same seat cannot be accommodated due to operational or other considerations to accommodate the Grey Cup, season seat holders would receive seats in the same price level or better.

You’re still allowed to buy a ticket, you just don’t have a seat reserved for you, which makes sense as you would no longer have any seat to be reserved.

As well, they’re bound to offer the same first dibs to anybody who buys a season ticket starting in 2021 anyway, as is normal procedure, so what they say is not true: buy and maintain season tickets from 2019 through 2021 and you will have access.

So basically they’re saying that buying a seat in 2019 does not entitle you to a seat for the 2021 Grey Cup, only they’ve massaged the language to entice you to buy a ticket in 2019 anyway ???

Buy a Ticket !feed the cats !
I’m always a season seat holder but for those band wagon jumpers time to jump back on !! I’m kinda like a leaf fan since 1999 win or lose we drink the booze and every year this is it it’s coming home!

Another classic from the Dork . ;D ;D ;D

Pat Lynch (even I can’t go back to 1739)

So, from reading the various posts here, we really have to be holding season’s tickets in 2021, to have the guarenteed access to GC tickets, whatever that may mean then. Having STs in 2019 just gives us access to our tickets in 2020, and the same for holding tickets in 2020 for 2021.

Doesn’t sound quite as confident somehow.

It’s the same way Grey Cups have been for years: 2021 season ticket holders in the 2021 GC host stadium will have dibs to buy their seats for the Grey Cup.

2020 season ticket holders will have dibs to renew their seats for 2021.

2019 season ticket holders will have dibs to renew their seats for 2020.

What will be interesting is all the premium GC seating that will be up for grabs when people with platinum season seats realize they’d have to cough up around $1000 per seat for 2021 Grey Cup tickets. Not to mention the season ticket price increase you can expect to get hit with sometime between now and 2021. They’ll be counting on the power of the sunk-cost fallacy to twist people’s arms into being more receptive to the price increase.

There will be plenty of unsold premium seating (at premium prices) in the leadup to the 2021 GC, but the cheaper seats will all be spoken for by ST holders very early.

That said, I’m looking forward to being in my seat for the first GC in Hamilton since 1996. Will be amazing if the Cats can take full advantage on the field.

I guess we all perceive threats differently.

If a store offers a free BBQ when you buy a new set of lawn furniture, is that a “threat”? (i.e. you cannot get a free BBQ unless you buy something else.) Or just a promotion?

Last year, I had to give up the season tickets I’ve had for 20 years or so, because I could no longer afford them. If I buy this year, I’ll still have to buy for 2020 and 2021 to be guaranteed that seat for the Grey Cup.
So I’m thinking about getting STs in 2021. It gives me two years to save up for them, and guaranteed seats in the GC (which I’ll also have to save up for.) Hopefully that will also allow me to be able to afford better seats than if I bought them this year (though I will take what I can get.) This is a bit of a gamble, but for me it’s that or watching the game on TV.
Of course, the other option is foregoing the STs altogether and hoping I can get a hold of tickets when they go on sale to the general public. That’s an even bigger gamble, though it will give me more money to deal with.

If Hamilton isn’t in the game you’ll have no problem finding a ticket at a reasonable price.