Neck type masks

You've seen the neck type masks some people have, the ones that hang loosely around your neck when not in use but pull up to fully cover your nose, mouth, and beard. Would you buy one with the Cats' insignia on it?

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I would as long as it fits tightly on my face. A loose mask is just about as useful as a screen door in a submarine.

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I have read articles that say such a mask is not very effective.


Ya, not alone the majority are not. They can be worn over another mask though for an added layer of protection. These guys make tons of gaiter scarves:

Well unless I missed it on their website they don't offer CFL scarves. The league (if it wanted to pursue this) would have to contract with them to create a supply. The nickels and dimes with the league right now are pretty few and far between so unless they thought this idea was greater than sliced bread they make not want to.

I think outside of the on field apparel teams in the CFL are free to license their logos how they choose and it doesn't have to be a league wide deal. Looks like the Ti-Cats did license to FOCO:

It's odd it is not on FOCO's website. At least it is on the Ticats' one though, so can be bought from them.