Neat article on Delvin Breaux by Bleacher Report

My son found this Bleacher Report video on Delvin Breaux.... pretty neat!

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Always a great story, though one we know well as Ticat fans.

The one part I hadn't picked up on in the past was Breaux's fiancé. It sounds like they got together after his big injury. So she's not the girl who gravitated to the star athlete - she's the girl who started dating the former athlete with the broken neck. And now she may become one of the few NFL wives who we can be sure wasn't at all motivated by the prospect of fame & fortune.

Very inspiring story. One that everyone should know about.

Great story but he didn't even give the Ticats Organization and the CFL two red Cents of a plug in helping his career to get back to the Big Show :thdn: the No F un L eague ! No Rayspect just like CW

i find that incredibly hard to believe, the video was not meant to be a plug for the ti-cats or the cfl, therefore it wasn't put in, Breaux didn't produce the video, therefore he didn't control the content. If it was up to Delvin i'm sure he would have said more about his time here than anyone (other than ti-cat fans) would have wanted to hear. When has he NOT been grateful for his time here? If you've watched his interviews over the past few years< there's no way you would ever accuse Delvin of lacking respect

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DB the DB is very respectful, and I'm sure, very grateful for the chance to prove himself given to him by the Ticats. Since he didn't have a college career he was (rightly) overlooked by the NFL in his draft year. In effect his time with the Cats was his college career.

I wish him nothing but the best. I hope he makes a name for himself, and shows other NFL wannabees that the CFL is a GREAT option for their career. It will attract many more excellent players to the CFL.

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Anytime I've heard or read Delvin speak of this team, he has been, as you say, respectful and appreciative.

He is a great player and as a result of his time in Hamilton, I've discovered a new level of understanding for the position he plays.

He's earned this opportunity.

I wish him the best.

In every other interview that I have seen, DB the DB has worn his Tiger-Cats colours with pride, and
continuously thanks the organization for giving him the chance to play professional football.

Not a fair comment. DB still seems close with a number of the players and uses his Twitter to support the team pretty much every game they play. The Ticat coaching staff are all pulling for him to succeed in the NFL given how hard he has worked for that opportunity. No comparison to CW at all.

Ok guys I didn't know all the facts , I stand corrected , look at Thiggy he even drops by and visits from Buffalo :thup: