The numbers are in for the CBC portion of the playoffs and are basically the same from last year. Not yet posted are the RDS totals, which have been averaging about 200,000 all year round.

"The CBC's telecasts of the CFL East (Montreal Alouettes-Winnipeg Blue Bombers) and West (Saskatchewan Roughriders-Calgary Stampeders) Division semi-finals on Sunday drew 981,000 viewers (up 7 per cent from 2006) and 1.016 million (down 7 per cent), respectively. The pregame show pulled in 350,000, a 185-per-cent increase over 123,000 last year:.

Thats nice to see! :slight_smile:

Holy crap

Solid numbers!

2 great games. Westwood's finish. Joseph to Flick start. Recorded both. Watched both last night. Stayed up to late. Went to Riders game. 1 of best football games in Rider history. Thats from ticket holder for more than 15 years. Riders and Bombers could do it. Make it to the cup. If it's BC and Toronto. I hope Belli and Jiminez go against each other.

Those were the very first words out of my mouth! :lol:

Those are definitely some impressive numbers. Congrats to the CFL. Hopefully we can top 'em next weekend. :smiley:

I was watching all day Sunday so I just assumed the numbers would be great. :wink:

Congrats to the Riders and Bombers on their wins. Now for the division finals Sunday, another TV day made in heaven - but maybe I'll go to T.O. and cheer for the Bombers. :wink:

Anybody have a breakdown of the weekend ratings?
For some reason the Globe and Mail didn't print them in their Tuesday edition.

how were the NFL ratings in comparion?....the usual COMBINED 250,000? pathetic.

Now the numbers can increase nicely as the Bomber Fans and Rider fans turn on their TV's to watch the prairie grey cup setup.(hopefully)

funny how the globe doesnt bother to print the NFL ratings, so the NFL supporters dont get embarrased.

I'm not embarrassed. I couldn't careless how many people watch it. As long as I'm able to catch a few games each weekend, I'm satisfied. :smiley:

I think he meant the pro-NFL in Canada

Gotcha. Just seems to be a lot of NFL hatin' on the forum, and I wasn't sure where he was going with that. :smiley:

Yeah.. I love the NFL too, but Im not too big on the expansion to Toronto myself..