Near Canadian Sweep at Gibson's Finest

Cornish ....MOP
Bret Jones.... Rookie
Paradis .... Special Teams
Labbat... Lineman
Cornish.. Canadian (Don't laugh, Ben Cahoon won this award before)
Too bad Chip Cox wasn't a Canadian.. :slight_smile:

Not sure why one would laugh.

Ben Cahoon isn't a Canadian citizen... that is why.

Hopfuully Josh Bartlett never averages 60 yards a punt... Could you imagine him as the outstanding Canadian?

Ok, I thought there was something about laughing at Cornish getting the award. I think is was 2008 when both nominees were born in the USA.

Don't see Cornish as Top Canadian. He should get it, but I think the powers that be will give that to the 2nd best Canadian as Cornish should get the league MOP. I'm not sure if the voters are ready for the same player as MOP and Top Canadian.

As much as I would like to think such a thing could not happen, I have to say I wouldn't be surprized. I would say that it is more likely that Cornish would get both awards if he wins MOP. I don't understand how the same voters could say that Cornish was the Most Outstanding Player and not Most Outstanding Canadian.

Cornish did win Canadian player of the week. Not surpring that Ray was the MOP for his 500 yard passing game. Banks for his special teams play.

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Heaven forbid 1 player should win multiple awards when someone else can share in the excitement. :roll: Seen it before, it's not uncommon, but I do agree with you, if he's the overall MOP he should be MOC as well.

Unless there is some ruling put into place, which there is not, that if a Canadian Wins the MOP then the MOC would have to go to a different Canadian Cornish has both hands down this season no question he is the best player in the CFL.
Too bad because Getzlaf and Durie have had great seasons. Muamba should be eclipsing 100 tackles placing him 3rd in the league but it is what it is

Only two Canadians have won the MOP award (Russ Jackson X3 and Tony Gabriel) and in every year they won the MOP, they also won the MOC. Based on precedent, if Cornish wins MOP, he would also win MOC.


It wouldn't really make sense to select a Canadian as the most outstanding player, then turn around and say that he wasn't the most outstanding Canadian. If a Canadian gets the MOP, they should automatically get MOC, unless there is a rule to prevent that, which I'm pretty sure there isn't.

If you ignore the top Canadian award... I think it is still shows volumes to how far the CFL has come that 3 out of 4 awards will go to Canadians... The special team award is legit because Americans dominate the return game.. The offensive line award usually goes to a Canadian too... but Americans such as Rob Murphy have played offensive line in this league. I would still rather trade one of them with the Defensive award.. That would be a real coup

Re: MOC and MOP awards…

I think the way things are set up it means that a Canadian can win the MOC award and not necessarily win the MOP award but a player who wins the MOP and is a Canadian would logically win the MOC award.

I can't see one Canadian winning the MOC award and another Canadian winning the MOP award. If you are the most outstanding player it would not matter what nationality you were you would still be the most outstanding of your nationality.

Well my predictions were all right... It was an easy year to predict. However with 3 out of four awards going to Canadians, I dont want to hear these American coaches disparaging the ratio ever again

I guess no fans of the riders were allowed to vote :wink:

Actually , wasn't it 5 out of 6 awards won by a non-import [grew up in Quebec] and 4 Canadians?

Congrats to all and man we really do have some great Canadian players in this league that is for sure!

The fact that Canadians dominated the awards means so much for our league and the future of CIS players in it. Well done guys. :rockin: