Nealon to be gone before TC???

I don't remember ever saying that Nealon was the god of QB's, heck, I don't even remember saying that he was a good QB. If I can remember correctly, and I'm fairly sure I can, I was saying that Nealon was our QB and I would stand behind him through thick and thin, which I did. Now Joseph is our QB and I will be behind him 100% as well. I'm a loyal fan, I'll support the decisions my club makes.

It is okay Jeremy last year you had a weak moment in your life. Besides I would not want to remember that either. DO you recall you and i did not see eye to eye on Nealon? But we let it go and now I just wanted to let you remember a bit. But that forget it! Nealon will not be on a roster this year unless someone is somewhat hard up for a towel boy.

Nealon has no value! Zero! He will be working at KFC head fry guy!

Henry Burris is a charter member of the Liar's club too

Really who cares! If anyone lied to the rider fan it was Shivers! first is was a 3 yr plan a 5 yr plan now who knows. Then it was the poor riiders can not afford to keep up with the rest of the league and low and behold guess who had the third highest payroll! You just keep thinking Burris lied and we will just keep kicken some more @$$.

speaking of QB's and dollar value, what is Danny Mac's salary for 2006

Who knows but it is for a year. And I do not see him playing all that much unless of course Henry gets hurt? How much does your new QB get?

more than he's worth redwhite2005, but you probably know that alredy

Yes for sure. They can pay K that kind a money yet Hank was offered much less. Shivers is not a good GM for sure. I think Danny M is making very little to play his last year. The Stamps would not have paid much to have him here. REmember the owners of the Stamps were the main players in creating the cap. Ted Hellard said they would never go over.

No way in he** does that clown end up back in Edmonton. Hugh suckered the Riders once, I seriously doubt he would be willing to take the Nylon Queen back. Besides, as long as Danny Barrett is HC of the Riders, Nealon Greene isn't going any where. In fact, the Riders are saddled with the two most untradeable guys in the league, Nealon Greene and Kenton Keith.

If we needed Khari... I'd take him.... Only if he was real cheap tho...

The only place Greene's going is to the bench as KJ's back up, with the schedule changes and KJ's desire to run with the ball there are injury concerns. Greene is a lousy strarter but off the bench I like him better than Crandell

Crandell has a much stronger arm than nealon :!: and we all where nealon got us :roll: NO WHERE :!: i say trade nealon to Calgary for there water boy :lol: should be a even trade :wink:

I agree with deflated, Nealon is much better of the bench. It might be a good idea to keep Nealon around(knowing Barrett,it is Butler who may be on the outside looking in), so if he doesnt work out, then Crandell has his shot.It might be a good idea to have a 3 QB rather than a 2 QB system

Again Nealon is a not wanted man. He has been around long enough if he has not done it by now he will never do it. I agree with Billy Nealon will be gone before TC. If not then Barrett just proved to everyone he is as stupid as Shivers. NO our water boy has talent!

c'mon redwhite 2005, granted with every snap Greene takes he looks as though he's committed a crime and yes Greene telegraphs his passes so badly that he inevitably has to launch a ten yard rocket into double coverage and sure he thinks his #2 and #3 receivers are mirages and his long ball looks like he's throwing grenades, but you'd miss

Deflated I now know why you call yourself that! The problem is that Nealon likes your centre!

Ok here is a deal for the ages(not)… Nealon Greene, Kenton Keith , and Karsten Bailey to BC for Jason Clermont…

either you, Winnipeg (dubtful), or Edmonton should take him, he needs to find a place in this league again.