Nealon or Crandell????????????????

I heard Marvin Graves is makeing a comeback to the riders.
No wait, it is Reggie Slack.
Heck what about Austin?

You're too late Saskargo....I already tried to start a Rumour that Lancaster was comming back to Regina for one more year....As QB...LOL

You Riders fans kill me…last year you guys started outta the gate quickly and then hit the skids. It’s erase and rewind time. You were all bitching and moaning then about how bad they were. Then they hit a stride, beat the EE in Edmonton and the whole time you guys chime in about how you were gonna knock off the Lions. Then, this whole off season, most of you predict you’ll finish 1st and that teams like the EE are overrated and guess what…you hit the skids again and and it’s “we suck” time again!

Classic. :wink:

I would totally get Reggie Slack back.......that guy ran the option all the way to the grey cup.....LOL

Eski-Moses.....Its a twilight zone thing. Some things never change.

...and I can't believe you'd consider brining in a guy like Banks over giving Butler a shot. No matter...Nealon shouldn't have been pulled from that game. Period. The were certainly in the game...his numbers were respectable...and he's got the ability move the pocket around, making guys like Collier miss. And whoever said Crandell has a gun...maybe...but he notoriously ends up firng it at the wrong target. Your problem here is Barrett...whom proved to be a tad trigger happy last night.

Good point Eskies.
Why did they pull Greene.
Another stupid move by Barrett.
That coach has no brains.
Last year cost him stupid plays.
Example.Last play of the Western final.
It was a hard angle to kick the ball through the up rights.Take a penalty and move it back 5 yards.
This guy has no brains.
Suoid things should get him fired.Benching Green only made things worse.Green will have no confidence in himself.If you riders think Crandell is better give your head a shake.
Man you are one smart dude Eskies.!!!!

like I said at the beginning of the season.....Riders don't have a QB. and now with all the injuries it is becoming very apparent.....if the Riders keep going with the guys they Bombers have an abundance of QB'S....maybe Sask can grab Tee off the their PR......

As much as I hate saying it Green should start, in the longterm he's the one who's going to win

Actually Crandell started the second half in the Ottawa game due to an neck injury to Greene.

I dont know what football game you guys were watching but Greene Did squat, he should have been intercepted twice except Moore Caught the ball on a fluke play.
I said it before Ill say it again, the only thing Greene is good for is handoffs and the option play, How many times did Crandell handoff to Keith from the shotgun and in Ottawa's haste to tackle Keith (after busting for some big ones) FInd the end wide Open, yet Marcel refuse to utilize the fake option... it boggles the Mind!!!

And 1 More thing... Crandells played what 4 quarters of football?? and amassed more yards in passing than Greene does in 2 games.........PLUS he doesnt get the first string offense reps in Practise.

Get him on First string offense practise and let's see what he can do.....We have nothing to loose..AND Greene can come off the Bench if needed.

Uh, I dunno, man. Dude looked pretty pissed on the sidelines. I don't think he was pissed at his neck.


Anyway...Dentor...perhaps they should sign you up as coach seeing as you're such a tremendous judge of talent. You apparently missed Crandell's two picks late in the game to kill your "lean machine". No more "mean" needed in that phrase for you guys, now is there...

You can keep playing quarterback Russian Roulette all seaason if you'd like....that just means you'll drop even further in the standings...and that's alright with me. Don't forget, Nealon hasn't played much football in a year.

I voiced my Opinion and supported it with facts... but I guess you dont like Comments coming from a Rider Fan.

38 years Rider & CFL fan first and foremost... I guess that makes me A tremendous judge of talent.

"Nealon hasnt played much football in a year" ....Brilliant deduction Eski-Moses, could have said the same about Burris last year but look where he ended up... almost Grey Cup bound and now with a Legit contender in Calgary.

Down 4 points with 40secs in the game on your 35yard line......who you gonna choose????? Greene's 5 yard curls till the clock runs out? Or Someone who has a reasonable chance if completing a pass over 20 yards...DING!! Crandell.
Sure he threw 2 intercepts ...BUT he put us in a position to win (There 35yard line)....Missed Cory Grant wide open to win the game and threw a hail mary that hit the recievers hands in the end zone.

I never saw the Potential in Greene..but I am willing to cut him some slack, all he has proved so far is he is still a second string QB.

Crandell won a grey Cup thats gotta tell you something.... Can Crandell regain this potential?? We will never know if Greene continues to start

WHat f*cking facts?? Look, I have nothing against the Riders' fans but my contention was your team isn't in such bad shape. But you guys(fans) would rather rape and pillage the front orafice, personnel, and cheer-leaders(team?), rather than look at guys are beat up...big's a long season and who knows(?)...but just as fun as watching the wheat grow, you guys wanna slam the football team. It's really amusing to me, if it wasn't so pathetic.

Knowlegable fans assume the Riders will be there in the end...but listening to you guys....we sure as hell hope not.... :shock: It'd be funny if it weren't so sad...okay, it's still funny... :lol:

Watching the sask-ottawa game (I was cheering for ottawa) ... when you brought in Crandell ... I was not worried at all anymore.

As a Stamps fan, whose second-least-favourite team is the Riders, I'd rather see you guys play Crandell. He doesn't scare me :wink: Greene doesn't scare me too much either, but moreso than Crandell. Greene can run with it ... and is better at short passes.

So, if I were coaching the Riders (and I honestly had the Rider's best interests at heart ... ) I'd play Greene.

4 game losing streak is not bad shape? Injuries to 7 Key starting Positions? Man you are too funny, I made comments on how I think they should address there problems and thats starting with QB.
Does this mean I will abandon the Riders, NO... I will support them through thick & thin and does NOT mean I cannot voice my opinion... something in which you have a serious problem accepting.
I am sorry you cannot Determine whats fact and Fiction, but hey thats your problem.

...let me chalk up illiterate as one of your many downfalls...I said you guys are "beat up"...aka, "injured". Ya see? I'm agreeing with you...and you guys do abandon your team with this "helter skelter" crap you spew. Maybe you don't see it, but true fans of other teams do. We can be hard on our teams when they under-achieve, but you guys simply trash your team and you call yourselves "true fans". What a laugher... :lol:

You can't single out every rider fan and say that, because its not true with some of them, but of course it is true with some. It is like that with every team in the CFL.