Nealon or Crandell????????????????

Here is the chance you have been waiting for:
You are the General-Manager and / or Head Coach.
Who would you start the rest of the season- Nealon Greene or Marcus Crandell?
Give your reasons briefly..................

well 1st of all... i hope there paying me good money to be the GM/Head Coach :wink: but i think i wood start Marcus CrandellMarcus CrandellMarcus Crandell for the next game or 3, it looks like NG still hasnt learn to look for other recievers out there and besides his arm is prolly sore for throwing past 20 yards last night :shock: this Marcus Crandell guy will chuck untill i can get Casey Printers here! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would be starting Crandell next game, but not necessarily the rest of the season. That decision should be made on a game by game basis right now according to performance.

What about Rocky? He started a few games a few years ago. Maybe he's next?

I don't care which starts, the real deal is who will become available when the no fun league cuts down, a view to the future is imparative at this point, there has to be a Casey Printers or Ricky Ray hiding in the weeds some where down in the USA, it's up to Roy to find him and get him up here, however when you are dealing with a coach who is ultra conservative, it may not matter, because DB probably wound'nt use him anyway. :twisted:

I say get out the BIG AXE and fire everyone....this team has turned to pure crap. At least Crandell actually got a few first downs, but nonetheless, they look awful. What a shame that the eskimos 2 backup's are gathering dust when they are both WAY better than anyone who the Riders could have starting. Oh except they are both white, so they wouldnt fit in. Spend some money and swallow your pride Shivers you joke.

I don’t think it matters who starts at QB if we don’t have some better play calling. It’s tough for a QB to be successful if the defense knows exactly what play you are going to run. I think that even if we had Ray or Printers they would suck because we would still only be using the same 4 plays all the time.

Play #1: Shotgun draw (stopped in the backfield unless Keith manages to break it.
Play #2: 5 to 10 yard curls (lucky if we get a first down)
Play #3: Hitch screen to Jamal Richardson (hopefully he will break a couple of tackles)
Play #4: Deep streak (hoping for a pass intereference, but usually is intercepted)

i think you guys could use a guy like michael bishop! a guy that wouldnt cost you guys much, because its unlily that you'll get printers this year, so i think bishop would fit you guys perfect! or crandell! but im making a point that maybe a guy like spergon wynn could do the job, hes another guy that wouldnt cost you much! or brad banks over in ottawa, banks is a true winner i loved him at iowa state or iowa cant remember witch but he's another guy you could get for not very much, maybe even the russ michna! but i think you guys should give either, bishop, banks, wynn, or michna a chance in sask! what dose anyone else think? i think those guys would be a great fit, and you guys could probley get one of those guys!

You nailed it man.....Especially with #1 on your list. That needs to get mixed up. Ever hear of an option. Even Reggie Slack took us to a grey cup.

How about Barrett?

....or dunnigan?.......

dose anyone else think this is a good idea?

A trade or signing of an NFL castoff seems necessary at this point. Also an offensive coordinator would be nice. I know with inuries, that you shorten your playlist options, but c'mon. These guys are supposed to be professionals... Roy has to spend money or face losing it due to declining revenue. I doubt that even the "best fans in North America" will continue to flock to the stadium to watch this product. BTW, Barrett has to go.

We would give up bishop,if we get mass somehow.
Riders like our washed up Q.B.s.
They can have Allen in 2 years.
As much as I can't stand Bishop,Riders can't have him.
Besides it is not all the Quarterbacks fault.
I say it is about 99% Shivers and Barretts fault.
They built the riders.

Crandel is a bag of shit. Nealon is your man, but without his big play receivers in the line up right now to bust one of his 7 yard bombs, you are suffering. Nealon is probably one of the best running qbs in the league right now which is what he needs to do more of.

yeah but they could maybe get bishop, or wynn, or banks, and anyone of those would probley do pretty good!

Sorry I forgot one more play:

Play #5: Screen pass where the RB stands in the middle of all the D-lineman and is immediately tackled.

I'm no expert but isn't a screen pass supposed to happen after the D-Line has passed through the O-line? Shouldn't the RB at least be past the D-line before he catches the ball. I haven't seen the Riders execute a decent screen to the RB yet this year. What is the deal, it doesn't seem like a very hard concept!

The Riders like picking up everyones washed up bags of crap to play QB. Nealon is the worst example of that ever. Does anyone hear the eskimos wondering about the one that got away? I dont they edmontonians even want that guy coming to town just to visit...they'd just run him out again.

Winnipeg is wasting Spergon Wynn by sitting him on the bench. Make a trade!
McCallum for Westwood and Wynn........

Ya Wynn has total talent...can you imagine there are teams with guys like Danny McManus and Nealon still being starters....what a waste of talent.