Nealon is no longer Greene

Riders QB Nealon Greene was traded to the Montreal Allouttes today for Defensive Back Almondo Curry and a 5th Round Draft Pick in 2007. Nealon moving wasn't a big surprise but what we got in return sure was. The Riders got a gem in Curry who is entering his 2nd CFL season he was named a CFL All-Star during his 1st season in 2004 and was the runner up for rookie of the year in 2004. As far as I can tell he didn't play the 2005 season I believe I read somewhere he was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL. Our Defensive backfield is nothing short of spectacular, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who wouldn't agree it is the best in the CFL. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a few more players getting shipped out of SSK in the next few weeks, likely DB's. I believe Winnipeg is looking for some DB's so there's a trade possiblity there. This is turning into a real exciting offseason!

Well Jeremy, Curry's got numbers on the stats page from '05, so I suppose he was playing. He didn't have a fantastic year by any means.....still, I'm glad he's here, and Nealon's not!

Fine by me, we paid too much for the 'greene machine' anyway based on one good season. Typical of Shiv though, we would all benefit if he was the next one out.
I like Curry, he looks good on the field and can really move so if he gets some time with our vets he will be great.

Well, he and the Don didn't get along too well as far as I can tell so he didn't get a lot of playing time. I went on the Allouettes website and couldn't find 2005 stats :?

I saw he had 32 tackles and 4 picks last year. I think he only came back midway though. not sure on that though

That was a good deal for you guys......Oh the West is tightening up a couple more knotches......

Weve Past The Curse On to Montreal!

I am glad they worked out a quality trade for him. As much as I agree he wasn't the guy to take us all the way, I respected the way he didn't let the criticism bother him and you could see him cheering for Markus when was playing.

Nealon is a team player wether he is the starter or the backup. He was good in the community(i heard nasty rumours, and I'll leave it at that), better than the other guy we had in 04. I hope he settles into a new role with Montreal, and he could be an asset to them other than just backing up, many things go to being a solid pro player, and Greene., if nothing else, is just that, a professional. Good luck Nealon

Do you think that if the Als are beating the hell out of the riders when they come to visit and the Don puts in Nealon to mop up that the rider fans will give him a standing ovation? And if not, is it because the Als won’t beat the hell out of the riders, the Don won’t put him in, or the fans won’t cheer him?

I believe he will get both cheers and boos, depending on wether some of those fans like Nealon(there were a few that did), or hated him.

I loved Nealon Greene. HE was my favorite rider. Not many people like me, but yea...

I was one of those borderline fans, i didn't mind him because he was good at times and was a good team player, but he had his bad moments. But i think that this was a good trade, we got a excellent DB who had 4 picks, and only played half the year.

I think the trade was about as good as the riders could have got. I wish Nealon never broke his leg lol. He never really seemed to gain his game back afterwards...

you have to give nealon credit for keeping his mouth shut, with al the crap he went threw when hank was here. he may of not been the best qb in the leauge, but his was good in the community.

Plus he doesn't discriminate on sexyness.

im glad hes gone he tried to hard to be the hero of the team and that scary2ft away from a dl shovel pass to kieth u dont no how many time my heart stoped when he ran that play