Nealon Greene?

I have questions for all of you:

If Nealon Greene was still the QB would we have won the grey cup last year? yes or no

Would we have a 5-0 record (like we do now) to start off 2008? yes or no

Also, where is Nealon?


  1. who cares, it's an irrelevant question designed to start a fight.

  2. who cares, it's an irrelevant question designed to start a fight.

  3. going to school in Clemson

Where is Reggie Slack? Where is Kevin Mason? Where is 747?

Just to be a smart a$$

  1. Reggie Slack is working in Florida for a company called Mark Five, Inc.

  2. Kevin MAson lives in Lockport, works as a personal trainer and was a volunteer QB coach for the Medina Mustangs in 2007.

  3. 747? Not sure. Rumor has it he retired from football only to go work at Yankee Stadium as a hot dog vendor. However he was fired from that as he tended to overthrow anyone who asked him to pass hotdogs and refused to toss to anyone less than 15 yards away. His final act as an employee was throwing a hotdog into the owners box at the stadium. Unfortunately it was covered in mustard and he actually connected with his Mr. Steinbrenner. No one has seen him since.

(1) No
(2) No

I wonder why Kevin McDougall and Marvin Graves aren't being mentioned?

LOL Are you Roy Shivers?

LOL, no, he's way better looking than I am.

How about Danny Sanders and Nicky Hall....

Rick Worman and Jeff Bentrim

All those other quarterbacks aren't mentioned because I don't have any idea who they are, I was born in 1993, I only know who Reggie Slack is lol. because I have the 1997 grey cup on tape. lol.