Nealon Greene vs Marcus Crandell

Im going with Marcus. since he started are record has been 3-0. and nealon greenes record 2-5 or 3-5 im not sure.

Lets see.....ummmm...Crandell 1 ring vs Greene 0 ring

When Crandell beat the Bombers in the cup, I thought this guy was the real deal,
then the wheels fell off his career, but he managed to put three of the wheels back on.

Crandell doesn't turn the ball over as much as Nealon and has gone 3-0 as starter.. so i'd say crandell.

Crandell at this stage..while I have seen Greene turn in a few Stellar games he seems to have no confidence in his play making abilities and execution.

Greene forever!

Greene just sucks. period.

Greene is the Best running back to pretend to be a Qb in the history of football. When He was in Edmonton most fans HATED him and the biggest problem with mattews here was his insistence to play the loser. By Don bringing the loser to Edmonton we lost the chance to see Marcus crandell play before he went to the NFL. If he had played then he probably would have stayed and maybe have been better than he is now.

The record says it all. Crandell by a landslide.

Crandell's stock just went up ....pretty soon he'll be good enough to leave the Rider's..!!

Greene just owns. Period.

Well for now he owns the bench... :lol:

Crandell has proven he can get the job done, But I expect the Naysayer Calgary fans to pounce on him if he falters, its easy to critisize someone when they played for a crappy team and when He did have a good team they won the Grey Cup..

Can he Do it for the Riders?? only time will tell


Crandell 4-0
Greene 3-6
...Hmmmmm, put green in.....hahahahahahaha