Nealon Greene or Marcus Crandell?

I would have to go with Nealon Greene because he has the speed :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I too would go with Nealon Greene not only because of his running ability, but I think that all around he is just a better QB.


I can’t believe that someone would have to ask this question.

Nealon, he’s proven himself to the Riders already, Crandell is a big question mark in my opinion - no one knows how he’ll perform.

I would pick Crandell over Nealon any day!

Which is exactly why you’ll never coach a football team.

So let me get this straight, you are happy you dumped Crandell and that you not have Burris. You’ve been telling us all about Crandell’s poor decision making and his turfing passes and such but then you do a full 360 and say you would pick him?

Well Jeremy I do realize you have a problem following so I will make this simple. Both are lousy QB’s but if I had to pick one of them it would be Crandell. Again both our lousy is that clear to you. As far as me coaching football I do not think I said that so again your a bit confused. May be you should go for a walk and clear the thinking a bit.


Maybe YOU don’t understand…

You said you’d pick Crandell over Nealon therefore meaning you can’t see talent if it jumped up and smacked you in the face therefore meaning you wouldn’t be a good coach therefore I said it…

Secondly you saying both are lousy QB’s just further proves to me that you have a very narrow perspective, if the player doesn’t play with Calgary you don’t show them any respect. Well I’ve got news for you Nealon is obviously better than Hank because guess who was the undisputed starter at the beginning of last year…Nealon Greene therefore meaning that Nealon was the better QB at the time, meaning that he probably still is. If you doubt me just wait until week 2 of the preseason.

I’m with Jeremy Nealon is the way to go. I’d Take him over Crandel.

Nealon was the incumbent only! Because if DB opened his eyes he would see talent. Put it this way Jeremy buy the cd of last year for the riders because you can relive the closest your team will get to a GRey Cup.

I’d take the cd from the Riders last year over the cd from Calgary because at least I would be reliveing the season of a team that won.

If Greene sucks as bad as you say he does, then why did he put up the best regular season record at 11-7 since the days of Austin. Yeah you’re right, I see why you’re so excited, because Burris did win 5 games in 2000. So, I guess thats better than what you guys are used to over in cowtown. So keep talking 2005 I like ripping all of your criticisms of Greene to shreds. Oh, and I heard how Burris’ training camp started. Get used to interceptions you’re going to be seeing a lot of them!

oh my you guys are dumb, nealon greene is in the best shape of his life! hes buffed and he will be throwing bullets to his recievers all the way to the grey cup, u watch

You guys are really funny. Nealon using a sling shot to fire it down field. As far as the intercept it was done dilberately. George White was goofing off yapping that he was going to pick his first pass and Burris threw it straight to him.

Of course henry would say that he’s so high on his ability it hurts. Have you ever watched him after he throws an interception in a game. He sits there making stupid faces wondering how that could have possibly happened. Shouldn’t he be used to it by now.

…so chris, do you like talk about anything else other than Henry Burris?..swear to god, if I bring up your last say 50 posts everyone one of them would be related to Hank…

This is a rather odd string; why stir up a QB controversy on one of only two teams in the West that don’t have one? Greene is the starter, Barrett will be loyal to him to a fault and we won’t see Crandell in game action unless Greene really screws things up…and even then don’t count out Butler, I think he has more upside long term than Crandell.

Now if you want QB controversies, look to BC, Edmonton, and Winnipeg

what’s your point redandwhite? Im just trying to deliver some facts, that you and 2005 can’t get through your head. You guys keep saying that the riders did better than Burris. I’m just trying to get it through your thick skulls that that is not true at all. Besides how many posts of 2005’s are about Nealon. I’m just sick of hearing how good Burris is when he did nothing for Saskatchewan. Especially when I never liked him or his style from the very beggining.

If you stamp fans stop saying how bad Nealon sucks and how good Henry is then I would shut-up. But until then I’m going to continue to defend Greene and shit on Burris.