Nealon Greene is the QB for us to win the Grey Cup

Plain and simple. Greene is the man for our current set up. No other qb could take his place here in Sask under the management of Barrett and Shivers and proceed to win us a Grey Cup. I though last year with Burris might have proved that already but I guess I was wrong. We would have to clean the entire offensive roster to fit a qb like Maas or even Burris if we want a winning record, we have already been rebuilding this team for years since we got rid of Reggie Slack and cleaned house. I for one am not ready to go through the rebuilding process again when our team is championship quality already.

If Greene doesn't learn to complete passes over ten yards, he's not going to win us anything.

ya well we the recievers have to make sure, when Nealon throws the ball over ten yards they catch the ball.

No he is not, greene is ok but not grey cup good, Crandell is the QB to lead the ridas their! he is the best of the bunch!

I am not throwing in the towel yet on Greene, I have bashed him alot in some of my posts and not without good reason, Until he can demonstrate he can complete passes and WIN the big games he jsut another second string QB.

Is Greene the one catching the ball? In the Montreal game Holmes, Thurmon, Moore, Tounkara and pretty much everyone besides Richardson all dropped perfectly thrown balls from passes well over 10 yards. Again it all comes down to bad ball control, which the entire team has done and as Danny Barrett said it is an issue that can be corrected. Right now it is more mental than anything. McCallum had 2-3 bad games kicking, and now he's kicked nothing but perfect games now that he's gotten over his mental block. Where did all the McCallum haters go I wonder? Hopefully when Greene blows out Ottawa this week the Greene haters can join the McCallum haters as far as I'm concerned.

Give the team some time to shake off the cobwebs and get regrouped. tt's not easy playing a new position every game with someone injured. Last year we were 3-4 at this same time, but only with Burris and pretty much no injuries whatsoever besides Greene. But at the end of week 13 last year we were 4-8 losing to Winnipeg all those games and had Dominguez not came back we would have been in the basement with Calgary as a joke team. Would you rather have Burris at the helm right now, without Dominguez? If we did I'd say we will be lucky to win another game on the year. Everything was all fine and dandy with Burris last year taking us to 4-8, but now Greene has a couple bad games, which is not very often he does, and everyone wants to drive him outta town? We'll see what the final record is at the end of the season.

Personally, I'm still not a McCallum fan - I never have been. I've been saying for a year and a half that he's shaky, at best, and I have no confidence in him. That doesn't change even if he's kicking better, as he is now. Find, please, where I ever said that all the ball control was Greene's fault. I don't believe I've ever said that. I like Greene, but I'm realistic. He will not get us a Grey Cup this year. My point was simply in response to the topic - which was about Greene, and not the receivers. I've never denied that our receivers do not look top-notch this year. Yes, they need to correct the ball control, but Greene needs to vary his game. I've said that from the beginning, and nothing anyone can say will change my mind. 5 yard passes are great, but they don't work against every defense, especially when every team in the league now knows that those are the only passes Greene completes with any consistency.

Nothing personal, but cobwebs schmobwebs. I'm so sick and tired of hearing contradictory arguments (not that I'm indicating that's what you've done here). At the beginning of the season, all I heard was about this amazing depth the Riders have, and how it's going to take us all the way. A few weeks in and we have injuries (a tonne of them, mind you), and all of a sudden people are arguing that injuries are a huge factor in our losses. That may be, but why the about-face from the depth-lovers?

I don't want to drive Greene out of town, and I'd take this year's Burris back as well. His problem last year was that he'd get a play stuck in his head and it was almost like he was scared to change it when the pressure came. He didn't show much quick-thinking that way. I haven't seen as much of that this year. Would I take last year's Burris back? Probably not, but he's looking okay to me right now.

I completely disagree. McCallum is one of the best and most consistant kickers in the league and Greene is Grey Cup quality.

You're free to disagree - that is what this forum is about, right? After all I've said, I still think we can eek out a win on Thursday, and I'm looking forward to the game. :wink:

JM02 you know your football I have to agree with you. If greene can only throw 5 to 10 yard passes the team is in trouble. This spring many riders fans mdae a statment that the riders had great depth, I even questioned why Roy did not bring in more players to compete, some rider fans were sure they were best to stand pat. Well we now know the result. It is too bad Rider fans deserve better but I think this team does not turn it around soon trouble is on the horizon. The offense is so predictable it is a joke the OC has no clue. Good luck Unreal your name suits you.

what i think is that nealon greene is past his prime, he was in it with edmonton and with it when he got here, but rider fans have done nothing but bash this guy for the last 2 complete seasons he has played. One of you said "we would have to rebuild our entire offense if we got a new qb" i think getting a new QB would be our rebuilding. getting a QB who can throw accurate over 10 yards and has a good arm to throw 30 yards every drive more then once is the perfect QB for the riders and the fans

Another thing, everyone is hatin on the WR's. we have great wide recievers, if they werent all injured. Dominguez is a clutch deep man, Moore, for however long hes with us for(how much he has left in the tank) is always there when we need him, Jason French can be great (despite the calgary game haha) and Jamal richardson is an amazing up-and-comer, plus we have corey grant at our disposal who can be great as well. And then we have Carston Bailey, who i have heard is faster then the gas prices so i hope to see him back

if Greene was grey cup quality why did Edmonton trade him to us?????????????

Ive stated Crandell should get a chance but that isnt going to happen.....SO.....whats wrong with Greene? First off he thinks he is Good hence the show boating and Muscle Flex.....Hey but so did alot of American Idol audition hopefulls until they were laughed on the stage....anyway he can be effective if played properly.....and thats the problem...since when to you take a scrambling roll out QB and make him a pocket passer?

I am done making excuses and bashing this Guy......As my Grandma said to me as a little boy potty training........Either Sh*t or get off the Pot !!!!! NEALON are you reading this?

Greene has already showed us how far he is only capable of taking a team. Two years ago (pre Burris), Sask barely got into the playoffs. When Sask went to Winnipeg, it was not the championship performance of Neolon Greene that won that game for Sask, it was the new secret weapon Kenton will remember this was the game where he kicked butt and at the end of the game ran across the field with the Sask flag. Greene was mediocre as he always has been.

The next week in Edm, Edm simply shut down Kenton Keith and, as for Neolon Greene, he demonstrated quite well that a 10 yard passer will not win the Western final. You will recall that Kevin Glenn came in and made it look easy as he almost came back and won the game. Too bad that Danny Barratt had hung in there so long with Greene, had he switched to a new QB sooner (Glenn) Sask may have gone to the Cup that year.

Hmmmm familiar theme here, Barratt hanging on to Greene...

why do we always have to read in forms over & over again how nealon greene is our QB that will win us the GREY CUP by UnrealRides? :shock: this guy watches a lil football and he think he KNOWS it all :roll: PLZ no more i beg you UnrealRiders :shock: u dont no wut you r talkin about :wink: NO NG is not the QB that will lead us!!

I posted this almost a month ago boy are you slow or what?

i guess WHAT! no the only 1 slow is YOU thinkin that Nealon will take us to the grey cup :lol: and if u look , someone else didnt think that NG cant do it 2 :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Who knows if Nealon could or not?? Marcel doesn't use him to his full potential! HE IS NOT A POCKET PASSER! He's a bloody scrambler, so let him scramble Marcel!

If he isn't going to do it, then who else is?