Nealon Greene / Corey Holmes co- MVP's

Nealon and Corey have made a strong case for co- MVPs so far this season. The Riders are for real. Watch out B.C.!!!

Rider Pride rules

Beat Hamilton twice...Last Place team. Winnipeg once, last place team. Before you plan the Grey Cup Parade, lets see how they do against the better teams.

Actually Turkey, with the injuries you guys had for this game, Your team played well. I see everyone love Paul, this week, so I'm disappointed you didn't have him as Canadian MVP.

You're slipping Turkey!.....LOL

Good idea - Canadian idol of the week - Paul McCallum. thanks Sportsmen.!!

  • Riders Rule(even in the rain)

Canadian Idol??? Turkey...I thought that went to Mathews for his CD? LOL

I agree totally…The Riders MEAN Business !