Nealon Greene benched

After his third turnover of the first half vs the Als N.G was replaced with 2 min left in the first half by Marcus Crandell (who then threw an INT on a 3rd & goal) Do you guys think that was the right time to pull N.G ?

i think it was TOO LATE.....

he was playin like a@@....

Time to get those Nealon sucks t shirts out!

Do you hear that RIder fans?....thats Bomber foot steps coming...... :wink:

Rider fans can not stop the train. Only good ole Roy and his 5 year plan can fix that. I think a good ole shake up is required plain and simple.

I think someone just needs to go into the dressing room and scream and yell at the team. Danny's Barret's pregame speeches are doing nothing.

Screaming and yelling only does so much. That's not going to fix the problems they have. I heard Barrett hollered at the team during the Calgary game at halftime, and look what they accomplished there. Something else needs to be done.

hahahaha finally!! good job Danny :wink: and for opening up your f@&%ing eyes :shock: