Nealon Green a Bomber

Say it isnt so.............reports coming out of the peg have the bombers and riders swapping qbs, greene straight up for glenn............according to sources in the bomber offices glenn is looking for a major increase in pay ala joseph type numbers as he and his agent feel his performance this season earned it......apparently whatever bad blood there may have been when glenn left the riders is water under the bridge........and the bombers feel greene has the type of experience that will flourish under new hc Berry, the way Calvillo did before he arrived in Mtl.........nooooooooo....Taman you fool.......

looks like we'll see Spergeon Wynn get afew starts next season!!!

maybe he's the diamond in the dirt that aint been found.

but if community owned winnipeg can't afford Glenn....why does community owned Sask think they can????

i think, with Glenn behind Sask. good O-line...they MAY host a playoff game!

I always though Glenn was way better then Greene. But I still am not sure if he is top notch quality. But he is a defineite improvement over Greene.

Take the plastic knives away from all the bomber fans I can see them chasing Taman now right out of town.

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Billy I do this because I know it pisses you off!

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But then again this is a golden opportunity for Wynn and Mincha.

where is a link to an article about this story?

Oh well, Nealon going to Winnipeg will guarantee last place for the Bombers.

Now Bomber fans....One last time.....Taman's got to go!

agree, I'd like to be the frist to shot him! :twisted:

......I find soupman's contributions to this forum useful and insightful.....he is as knowledgable on CFL issues as the next contributor.........I also commend him on consistently not taking your offered bait and steering clear of a useless wordfight with you.........

Lets go Spergon, Lets Go.
There is no way that Nealon Greene should be a starting qb in this league with a guy like Spergyon Wynn on the bench. Looks like there will be a fight for the starters job in winnipeg.

.........Bombers are going to make a pitch for D.D....according to a good source....Glenn would become dispensable anyway....if they can sign Glenn COULD end up somewhere else....and I sure can't SEE Pylon Greene ...ever in Blue and Gold...I don't believe Taman wants to get fired that badly...if he has done anything right in the has been his strength at making good trades.... 8)

i still haven't read anything confirming this trade...

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Glenn is a verticle passer, and will not fit into Marcels 2 yard dump plays. Why don't we go after Dickenson who can pick a defense apart. We don't need another quarterback who can't sustain drives. Either we get a run and gun o-coodinator, or we get a quarterback who can sustain drives with short passes like Dickenson.

I can never see this trade happen....Glenn wants to stay in WInnipeg. And for nealon green? what kind of trade is that? thats liek the stupidest trade in the world and would never happen.

I can never see this trade happen....Glenn wants to stay in WInnipeg. And for nealon green? what kind of trade is that? thats liek the stupidest trade in the world and would never happen.

This may annoy you I assure you this was not done intentionally but you always have to make stupid comments and my stupid comment back was the result. Grow up