Nealon cut by the Als

my still favorite ever QB nealon greene was cut from the als as expected with the don gone. anyone know where he wound up after that?

when nealon was here in his prime to give us our only winning record for as far back as i can remember - those were the most exciting games i've watched as a rider fan. the 7 games we lost were always close, full of action from start to end, and nealon always gave us a chance to win the game.

with burris and joseph, it's been awful watching some of our games the last few years. the burris year against winnipeg was just brutal, horrible, the whiskey still hasnt removed that labour day from my mind. and last year with joseph when we lost games we were brutal, and got blown out with the worst offensive perfomances i've seen. when we won games, it was just barely the monstreal win was just so barely by a field goal. we blew the lead against winnipeg in the labour day rematch. our wins against BC last year were all just barely and one was by a fluke and even with those lucky wins we barely got 9-9. we lost to a beat up argo team at home that we should have blown out. we lost all 3 games to edmonton in their worst year in the past 30 years. the list goes on to prove how brutal we've been at times the last 3 years.

i honestly think nealon would make a good back-up here or even starter due to our lack of mobile quarterbacks. i know joseph has been hashed and discussed and you either love him or hate him much like nealon, well to me joseph has proven himself as a shaky QB. the only thing he's done for us with consistency is overthrow balls and when he does throw properly - which isn't often - our receivers have disappointed. also, joseph is old, and he is injury prone with his glass knee.

however i'm glad now that we have a coach who will pull a struggling QB, because i don't believe joseph will stop overthrowing balls overnight and become the next dave dickenson. when joseph fails, i'm counting on austin to pull his ass outta there and give crandell a try before we are down 40 points like barrett used to wait.

crandell is our most accurate passer currently by far and would i be more comfortable to see joseph as a back up to crandell and nealon if anything.

....that or we could offer nealon a runningback position if he still has his home in saskatoon O_O

wherever you end up nealon, thanks for giving me my favorite and most exciting and memorable years as a ridar fan back in 02 and 03 but it's a new era in riderville now. i know most of the rider fans hated you but here is one who appreciates all you've given us

Nealon is done. Arena football for Nealon.

Nealong Greene, my favorite player. Unfortunately, that broken leg from that pull out carpet they call a field in Toronto ended his career before it should have ended. Lost his greatest asset - his mobility.

Hey ! you know what my fav. Nealon Greene moment was?

He was scrambling for some yards when he ran into a referee and fumbled the ball and the opposing team recovered. Ha! Awesome stuff.

Sorry i cannot remember which team they were playing but it was a few seasons ago.

And thats your favortie moment? What kind of fan is that?

I saw Nealon play for a few minutes in each of four or five games for Montreal last year.
Mostly when they were well ahead.
He threw interceptions evey time. TO would have been skunked one game but Nealon had a touchdown scored of his interception.
One other game he threw two in a matter of minutes.
He was always overrated.

And you my friend are a complete moron. how about when Montreal had him QB sneak and stuff? Or dont you remember that? We had already estabished that his career was done when he broke his leg on that pull out carpet in Toronto back in 04.

I saw four or five games where Nealon was put in at the end to mop up or after the game was out of reach and lost.
Every time he threw interceptions. He’s a dud.
As for passing accuracy, he couldn’t hit a pig’s a55 with a shovel full of wheat.

Games played 8
Passes attempted 15
Completions 8
Touchdowns 0
Interceptions 5

Most folks figure a touchdowns to interception ratio of 8 to 5 would be acceptable, but a completions to interceptions ratio of 8 to 5 is a bit weak.

He may be a dud now. im not disputing that. I dont think anybody was before you came and decided to say what you said about him. But you cant deny that at one point, he was a good quarterback in the CFL. He broke his leg, had to have surgery, and as a result his career was ruined. You cant just come in here and show those stats and not explain the causes of them. Another thing is the type of offence is different than it was in Saskatchewan, or even Edmonton.

I believe Greene can actually still play as a starter and would make a very reliable back-up if he lands with any team. Montreal however was the worst fit for him because of their pass related offense and AC's style of play and sync with his receivers. A great running QB like Nealon has a very hard time adjusting to that type of offense in Montreal.

Not to mention on at least 4 of Greene's 5 interceptions last year that I saw he was put in the game when the Als were already down too far and the game was out of reach. He had to force the throw and go for big points on an unfamiliar offense not attuned to his style of play with hardly any practice/sync = interceptions

Judging him strictly based on his few plays he got in Montreal is really absurd. The guy is a good CFL quarterback and brings "a great work ethic" as Tillman says about every player he likes. Greene also has big team spirit and is always doing what is best for the team. When he was struggling in the middle of 05 and got pulled for Crandell there was not one complaint and he worked the headset with the OC no problem. Then when Crandell was struggling even worse when we lost those 3 games to Montreal, Calgary, and Edmonton which blew our chances of a home playoff game, Greene played the last game vs BC and won it for us. At the start Greene played his heart out that year and would have had us off to a 4-0 start if the defense hadn't blown the lead horribly in the Toronto game in week 3. Many things were going wrong that year that were out of Nealon's control and I felt bad for him. After Nealon was benched and the offense was still horrible - it didn't take Rider fans long to put Marcel Bellefuille on the cutting board

Looking back over the years Nealon gets us back into the playoffs finally in 02, takes us to the western final in 03 during our only winning season in the toughest western division yet. All three teams tied for 2nd went 11-7 that year BC, Winnipeg, Sask and I believe Edmonton was 13-5 in first. The guy battles back from his broken leg and adversity and stuck with the team in 05 with huge class right to the end despite the fans wanting to run him out of the province whenever we lost a game. If more of the fans here had stuck behind him I'm sure he'd have won us many more games to come.

And even today we still have no better quarterback yet than Nealon despite new management change. Isn't a good QB the one thing Rider fans have been harping about for years? Joseph is the same type of QB as nealon only joseph overthrows and is more injury prone and older, and we lost Holmes for him? Shivers trading Nealon and Holmes to get Joseph was his worst move he did for us before he left this club. If you ask me I take Nealon and Holmes over Joseph any day.

I agree with most of the points you made Unreal, well said.

My only concern with Nealon, is that in order for him to succeed, he needs an offense to be built around him. He would struggle as a backup trying to step into a system that relies on the quarterback doing things he's not well suited to do.

He's not going to step in and throw for 300 yards and we all know that although he can throw the ball a mile, his touch on passes over 15 yards are pretty bad.

That being said, he'd probably thrive under the system that Marcel has in Montreal right now, but they cut him :wink:

He doesnt need to throw for 300 yards... Thats not his game. I miss him being with the Riders tho. I swear 04 was our year. EVERYTHING was clicking until that damn game in Toronto...

You misread or misunderstood me J, I said he won't throw for 300 yards, and that was my point :slight_smile: He needs a system built around his strengths which obviously are not racking up the passing yards.

Oh lol! Well, I still swear 04 was our year lol

I agree that 04 would have been a strong year for us if Greene had not broken his leg. Even in 05 I believe if we'd have used Greene in the playoffs we'd have had a better chance to get to the GC. Our biggest problem in 05 was our defensive breakdowns that blew leads on games we already had won, and lack of receiving talent. Dominguez was out in week 2 with his torn MCL I believe it was. When your next two best receivers are Karston Bailey and Jason French well it just says a lot that Greene can win games for us even with the lack of receiving talent we faced over those years.

Keep in mind that the western final in 03 where we narrowly lost to Edmonton was Greene's last played playoff game with us so contrary to fan belief the guy never had much of a chance at all to prove himself in the playoffs. Edmonton was 13-5 at home that year and was by far the better team who went on to win the GC after they beat us in that western final, no shame losing to them at all and by only a touchdown it was a nail biter to the end. I just wish that Greene would have gotten another chance to start a playoff game for us after that - namely the 05 eastern final.

Greene only had 2 years with us in which he turned this team from the non-playoff losers into a winning record club who were playoff contenders that played an exciting and competitive brand of football. How many years did BC need to take before Dickenson finally won in the playoffs?

Bring back Nealon Greene!!!

It broke my heart when Nealon Greene didn't pan out.

He had bad luck, injuries, controversies with Henry Burris and Kevin Glenn and fickle fans turning on him but ... that is life. His life as a starting QB was like walking up a chicken ramp for him... short and covered with s-h-i-t.

Nealon's game was based on a strong running game and unfortunately with 3 down Canadian ball, that is not good enough. It may preserve leads and balance your a game a bit, but it isn't good enough to bring bring you a home playoff game let alone a championship.

I don't miss Nealon one bit. He was a neck-down QB. I worry KJ is also a neck-down QB. But I hope Austin helps him develop a better head for the QB position.

Sorry dude.

I just was not a big fan of his work.

He was good at scrambling, but he fumbled so often, speckled with INTs.

He just didn't impress me all that much.

I was a big believer in Kevin Glenn. I wanted Glenn to start. A couple years ago my name on CFL forum page was . . . "numberfiveineightynine" or "#5 in '89"

Kevin Glenn #5 was supposed to be our ticket back to the cup.

I wouldn't worry about guys like Burris and Glenn who didn't really even want to play here. I believe a QB must respect the place he plays first before we can think of him as a QB that gets us to the GC.

FYI Greene is in second behind Dickenson for the least interception percentage in the CFL among long term starters. He was and is still capable of being a good starting QB unfortunetly he just never had the chance to win it as something always went wrong.

Even in Edmonton he was fired along with Matthews because of a missed FG by Fleming that cost them the win in the semi finals I believe I'm not exactly sure which game it was. BC won that game 34-32 because Fleming shanked a 35 yarder last play of the game that should have won it for the Esks. Greene did everything necessary for the Esks to win that game. It should have been Fleming who was cut but for some unknown reason Greene and Matthews were outta there. I repeat that I feel sorry for Greene as he was always the guy to take blame and pay for another's mistake or problem throughout his CFL career and never once complained one bit for any of the bullshit he endured from both fans and management even back in Edmonton and here in Sask.