NDP win in Alberta results in poor CFL results


The NDP provincial victory has obviously led to poor permances by the Stamps and the Esks.
Calgary really should be 0-2, lucky to escape with a win over Hamilton in Calgary.
The Als stomped them yesterday badly.
As well, the Esks looked horrible in Ft. McMurray against the hapless Argos.
It is pretty clear the poor performances are related to the NDP!!!!!! :rockin: :wink: :cowboy: :lol: :lol:

Keen observation. No wonder the Riders were the bottom feeders of the league during the NDP rule in Saskatchewan.

Fact: The Saskatchewan Roughriders have never won the Grey Cup when the NDP were in office in Saskatchewan.
1966 - Liberal
1989 - Conservative
2007 - Sask Party
2013 - Sask Party
There for it is only logical to assume that the Calgary Stampeders and the Edmonton Eskimos are in for a Grey Cup drought.

1994 Mike Harcourt and his NDP caucus in Victoria were stealing from charity and lying in court, yet despite this the Lions beat Baltimore under the dome.

1991 Argos won under Bob Rae's NDP in Ontario, however it took Mr Rae crossing the floor in 1995 to usher in the unstoppable Tillman-Matthews-Flutie-Drummond-Pinball-Tiggle machine in 96-97. :stuck_out_tongue:

awesome recollection prairie dog and deango :wink: :rockin: