Has oneone ever gone to midget or bantam games if so do is there a gate fee and do they have a snack area at any of the games?

No fee, but most teams don't sell food, either. if they do, it's just your basic chips, chocolate bars and such.

Go, South Ottawa Stampeders!!

I've been to some finals games they charged $5 and they had a small snack area. Go Gloucester Raiders.

For NCAFA Bantam and and NCAFA Midget there are not any entrance fees. Most teams have a BBQ/canteen going.

For OVFL teams, Bantam (NCAFA peewee age), Junior Varsity (NCAFA bantam age), and Varsity (NCAFA midget age) there is a $5 entrance fee, and there is a BBQ/canteen.

NCAFA Championship week.

Going to try to catch the Midget final. :thup:

Did you go to any of the games?

No, I'm traveling for work so I needed to stay home and take care of a couple of things.

That Midget final sounded awesome though. 56-39 score, Bengals over Redskins. I think one kid had 7 rushing TD's for the Bengals. :thup: