NCAA/ US college football thread

Canadians in US College football are doing well

discussion includes Chase Brown and Kurtis Rourke

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Cornish trophy candidates

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at least one Rourke is playing right now:

Kurtis Rourke threw for 427 yards and 3 tds in Ohio U’s 55-34 homecoming game win over Akron.

Maybe a Heisman push for Brown?

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the Maple Missile could be off to a division 1 / power five team next season:

omg this one handed interception


Nice catch! But they blew the call by whistling it dead. Should have been a pick six.

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In amateur American football, a player who goes to ground is down without contact.

Think of close to the reverse of the catch rules.

If any part of the body touches the ground other than feet or hands, the player is down immediately in amateur American football.


I did not know that. I don’t watch it.

I guess that’s why they call it amateur.

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And of course as noted in the other thread, “amateur” has been a token label for top NCAA football and basketball for decades (and in many states with regards to top high school programs too) so perhaps the changes in rules to more like pro rules have not caught up yet.

college football is something

the fans carried away the goalposts lol :joy:


Chase is leading the NCAA in rushing now

That rule is in place to help prevent injuries

:us: college football :football: is a great time with pre & post game tailgating as part of the experience. :maple_leaf: :canada: football :football: fans might want to check out Buffalo o Eastern Michigan. Buffalo only a few miles from Niagara and Eastern Michigan 25 Miles west of Windsor. In the past 5 seasons EMU has beaten 3 Big Ten (Illinois, Purdue & Rutgers) programs plus 1 PAC 12 program (Arizona State) this season. Ticket :ticket: prices are low (10-15) vs Michigan ( Hundreds) which is located 8-10 miles away

the maple missile Kurtis Rourke escapes the sure sack then runs 61 yrds for a td

Naylor talks to Kurtis

Kurtis is on Manning award watch list now

Kurti Rourke went 20-for-29 with five touchdowns last night in the Bobcats win over the Bulls. the Ohio University Bobcats are now bowl eligible.

Kurtis continues to make noise in NCAA

Wow, that was a wild game yesterday, Alabama vs LSU

TCU should crack the Top 4 this week and Oregon Ducks (my favourite college team) should be right behind them in 5th or 6th. Great week of College ball!