NCAA Thuggish Superconferences En Route

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Much of this whole deal will be sorted out by December, and NCAA football will never be the same as is fine with me because the BCS is BS and sucks anyway too.

Pro football recruiting won't ever be the same either with even more hype coming I think.

Right now the NCAA is just shamateurism anyway and a cheap minor-league system for the NFL as it has been for at least 30 years, but soon enough we will be headed to four super-conferences who will tell the NCAA to go you know where given its recently exposed hypocrisy step-by-step since 2008 starting with USC (The Fiesta Bowl scandal, The new Sugar Bowl scandal, USC, Oregon, Auburn, Ohio State, North Carolina, and Miami amongst others in football in just the last 3 years!).

Consider such superconferences of about 60 teams will contribute overwhelmingly most of the pool of very roughly 300 players per year who have the incredible athleticism and talent for pro football consideration.

Note however that of these roughly 300 new players per year,
of about 200 of them who are drafted in lower rounds (rounds 5 through 7) or picked up as free agents,
most of these either do not make teams,
let alone hardly play even if they manage to make a team via training camp or a practise roster,
whether in the NFL or CFL.

I can see the day coming within about 4 years when all players on scholarship will not only have paid tuition and board but also be provided a healthy stipend given the even larger sums to be earned by member schools of superconferences. I can also see the shamateurism continuing because these conferences will not police themselves.

If the resulting football league to replace the NCAA is going to be anything but a thug league though, all of the above benefits for those on scholarship would have to be conditional, with pressure behind the scenes and indirectly from the NFL, on players not committing any felonies, violent misdemeanours, and/or using illegal and/or banned performance enhancing drugs and substances.

What they won't say or print in the mainstream sports media down here is that until the NFL weighs in heavily, though it should do so indirectly and behind the scenes, not only will nothing change ultimately for the shamateurism of current college football but also we are headed for major thug leagues in college football.

Shamateurism - excellent description Paolo. I know Frank Cosentino and probably others have talked about this writing about the history of sport in Canada in various sports. There was a time when taking money to play sport was frowned upon although that was more from the upper class who could view it as such I suppose.

The system that is in place now screws kids.

I want to see a system like baseball or hockey. Viable multilevel minor pro ball. Progress through the ranks to your level. Get PAID according to your ability for as long as you are able to maintain your ability.

No more of this slave labor for billionaire schools selling jerseys with your name on the back and not allowed to get a dime of it. No more of this 4 years of eligibility garbage, watch your career disappear before it begins.