NCAA Team Builder - Tiger-Cats


There are a few created Tiger-Cats teams on the NCAA team builder...

BUT HOW DO I DOWNLOAD THEM?!!? I'm on the site creating my own teams and see that others have been downloaded... HOW?!?!

You must have either a PS3 or X-Box 360 (or a PC version of the game I suppose...) and then you must buy one of the most recent NCAA Football games (10,11,12 or 13). Then you must be connected to X-Box Live or PSN (Play Station Network) and then in the main menu of the game there should be a Teambuilder option where you can search through all the teams and download whichever teams you would like then play with them in the game.

I have spent many a hour creating CFL teams on Teambuilder then uploading them to my X-Box, it is the closest you will ever get to a modern day CFL football game.

Found it.

I'm dumb.

I was creating teams on my laptop through their teambuilder webpage but couldn't find them on my PS3. Problem has since been solved, however, there aren't any good Tiger-Cats teams on NCAA '13 yet.

I have a really good ti-cats team but it was uploaded for 360.. I didn't mess with the overalls(most of the guys are 99 overall) but the helmets and jerseys are as close as anyone will get to the real ones..

[url=] ... 1342165201[/url]

This team looks alright. Has accurate jerseys (cept for helmet stripe but oh well), honest ratings for the players (some players are missing and some random guys from last years team appears on the roster). Might not be perfect but its the best I could find. I hope this helps.