NCAA Playoff

So after all the controversy of selecting a #1 and #2 team with the BCS system the last few years the NCAA moved to a 4 team play-off and lo and behold - more controversy.

Going into play yesterday the selection committee had:

1 - Bama
2 - Oregon
3 - TCU
4 - Florida State
5 - Ohio State
6 - Baylor

Over the last couple of days Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State won their respective conferences championships game.

But for some reason the Big 12 - that TCU and Baylor play in did not have a championship game. As a result those two teams just finished with regular season games. In TCU's case a bad Iowa State team who they beat 55 - 3. But in spite of that 52 point win - they got dropped from # 3 to # 5.

Florida State by beating Georgia Tech 37-35 to win the ACC title ended up as the only unbeaten team - and as a result ended up ranked third. (lots of ugly not impressive wins kept them out of the Top 2 spots). Alabama and Oregon won the SEC and Pac 12 Championships games impressively so they hung on to the 1 and 2 spots respectively.

Ohio State destroyed a very good Wisconsin team 59 - 0 in the Big 10 championships game - even though Ohio State had to use their 3rd string quarterback. The selection panel determined that was good enough to move them past TCU into the last play-off spot. I tend to agree with the decision but man - can understand why TCU fans are livid. Ranked # 3 and win 55 - 3, but drop to # 5 after that win. That's rough.

And clearly the Big 12 needs to have a conference championship game next year. Had TCU beat a quality team yesterday, almost no way could they have been dropped two spots.

So now the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl games on New Years Day will basically be semi-finals. Ohio State and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Oregon - Florida State in Pasadena at the Rose Bowl. The winners of those games will play for the championships on January 12th at AT&T Stadium just outside Dallas.

But for some reason the Big 12 - that TCU and Baylor play in did not have a championship game.
Texas did not want one from the point of view it was one more game at the end of the season they could lose, costing them a bid to the national title game.