NCAA games today

...anyone else watching #4 Notre Dame vs #1 Alabama game right now?

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Bama looks STRONG!!


..I had the pleasure of spending a couple weeks with some folks from Alabama in the Caribbean a few years ago and they educated in me in all things Alabama football...not that Auburn nonsense either....okay, I said and learned a lot

...NDs defence has to come up with some stop here or this games a blow out by half..

dont usually watch NCAA anymore, except maybe the occasional Boston College game.

Too many colleges to try to follow for me. Then there is also the frequent player turn over.

However, I am so hungry for football today that I might watch tonight's game

Good to see future Blue Bomber QB Ian Book suit up for ND for the last time

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I'm watching Ohio St and Clemson.. quite possibly the #1 and #2 in next year's NFL draft (Lawrence and Fields). Looks like it's going to be a shootout

"BOOK him, Dano"

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Jeez Louise, how many players dress for these games? Google says they are allowed 100+ in their programs. Do they all dress for Bowl Games? Pretty well fill the sidelines end zone to end zone at times.

Thought Norte Dame would do better, definitely thought Clemson-Ohio would be tighter. Etienne and Lawrence didn’t appear to meet expectations on highlights, Fields certainly exceeded.

Haven’t watched PVR of entire Sugar Bowl, but “highlight” clip of targeting ejection call looked excessive. Rules are rules I guess?

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Gets confusing when there are 2 players that have the same number doesn't it.

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I believe that college teams are allowed to dress 125 players at home and 75 or 85 on the road. Of course most of these guys never come close to the field, about 40 of them are walk-ons to help out in practice and show that actual students can be part of the team.
I'm not saying there aren't students playing football, just saying several players at the higher schools are there because they play football.

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