NCAA Football: More Ridiculous Than Ever

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Why post this here? Well it's because many of the players who do not make it to the NFL from the big-time college programs end up there trying to make it in the CFL anyway.

And Terrell Pryor now after Cam Newton after the Fiesta Bowl siphoning scandal, and that's all from just last season? Student athletes? :roll:

Any wonder why the "entitlement mentality" of such players will before too long become the "excess mentality" when they hit the NFL?

This is all the more reason to look for a CFL game whenever they play on Saturday instead of this staged crap down here.

Seriously big-time college football any more is just a cheap minor league system for the NFL with the coverage of it all about the hype machine for the NFL (prospecting for the combine and the draft), Nike (often teams both with Nike uniforms are picked to play in bowl games against each other unless for other reasons it cannot happen), and worst of all ESPN that now dominates the US TV coverage more than ever (and now has its own alliance and channel with the University of Texas).

And folks want to blame the players for making something extra as they have for decades via various privileges anyway? :roll:

The only thing that keeps attendance up even after this hype and corruption is that there is nothing else to do on any given weekend in too many of these big college towns for the locals off campus.

Big college football is already pro ball whether or not the media or NCAA acknowledge it.

On the other hand more of these scandals will come out because the athletes are not making anywhere near the same percentage in perks, compared their past predecessors, of the now record sums earned from them with all sales and sponsorships considered.

Excellent read Paolo. The Canadian college system is better for the athlete in the long run to safeguard agains't this mentality and what is going on there. While our football and basketball players here aren't in the same calibre as big-time college sports in the US, that is quite fine.

How many college players in the US actually make it to the NFL or NBA? Very small percentage. Too much emphasis on winning at all costs I would say.

He is on the Riders Neg List

These schools are slave drivers!

They make money hand over fist off of their athletes and laugh all the way to the bank knowing that they don't have to pay their players a dime. A free education? Sure... it might cost me $10,000 a year to attend but that's retail price! It doesn't cost the school a damn dime to have an extra body in their class. And how much of an education do you think these guys get while trying to be a top football program? Football #1 School #2. These players need to be paid. At least $30,000 so it's like a normal everyday job with an education and a chance of going pro.

No issue here except why would an 18-year old making $30K/year, plus all training and health expenses paid, to play football need to even go to school?

And don't tell me they'll enforce anything like "No Pass No Play" when they pay players, for they work around that all the time now to pass some players in class as others still screw it all up when "officially" they pay them nothing now.

I don't have a solution on this, but simply paying players to do more of the same as they pretend to also go to school is not going to cut it.

Anyone pretending to go to university needs to attend classes regularly and write their own exams, do their tutorials themselves and their own research papers and essays. Otherwise it's a sham game and athletics is being used by the university for their own gain and not caring about the student or academics.

Here's the best part overlooked too in great regard by the US sports media machine led by ESPN. Let's watch how the next Pryor or Newton or Masoli is handled by the NCAA this season too. Will such players be only "suspended for next season?" :roll:

And how soon folks forget that Maurice Clarrett at Ohio State got away with far more before he went on to committing crimes, for what Clarrett did in that era prior to social media and YouTube was easily covered up by the complicit homer douchebag Columbus and Ohio media. Maurice Clarrett was also Ohio's Mr. Football you see.

Basically, in lieu of suspending five Ohio State players for the Rose Bowl once the initial violations were made known to the NCAA last year, ultimately for sake of those all-important bowl ratings in often the highest-rated bowl game, the NCAA deferred the suspension to this season for five games.

I guess the corrupt NCAA were hoping foolishly perhaps to have nipped the scandal in the bud and control the flow of information, but hey NCAA we are in a social media and YouTube era where you just cannot hide like before so there we go again.

Basically Pryor would have had no incentive to stay at all after the Rose Bowl, and I am confident that some in the NCAA knew that because should he have left, that would have been the the "worst case" and an easy way to wash their hands of him given what they probably really knew at the time. Now of course it is not that easy even though Pryor has left.

For the CFL offer, the report from Pryor's agent is that Pryor scoffed it because he thought it was too low.

There are a lot of mixed reviews on the NFL side of things and some "poker" being played by teams.

Somehow after all the fuss cools off, Pryor will end up somewhere not as a starting QB due to his high athleticism akin to Brad Smith with the New York Jets who was a QB in college as well.

I am also thinking some NFL teams would want another team to attempt to take him on as a project for a training camp and preseason for two reasons:

  1. They can find out for free, and with very little risk, what remaining quirks he has should he be cut by that team anyway.
  2. He would more than likely be more refined and less of a remaining project after only some NFL training with a team as he is beginning with the famed Jon Gruden now too.

On the flip side, I think some NFL teams are only looking at him to flip him to another team. His potential is what will shine in the eyes of others a la Cam Newton, and someone will pay to see the cards being held by the team with his rights.

Nice read Paolo. :thup: