NCAA Football Is Now Openly Pro Football

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so hilarious :joy:

I read that article too, and Dodd is already on the matter with many fine points made including that the future of what can be streamed profitably or with other business interest remains unknown.

Like Dodd explains, and/or as we have noted in various threads,

  1. There is a primary reason that the dominant NFL viewing is and shall remain for a good while on over-the-air TV whether or not it is simulcast to a stream;

  2. The Big Ten turned down Amazon's higher offer for its new media rights, now at a record sum, as opposed to from CBS, Fox, and NBC for dominantly over-the-air viewing;

  3. The USFL, even as a hub league with teams without real cities and with no fans in the stands, was hardly EVER on lowly and awful Peacock, for which the development and migration is being delayed by NBC for perhaps other business interests. Most of us know just why that was the case, which has zero to do with decisions made by the USFL or the media all to do with the Big Brother of All American Media all around town and always lurking.

The list of examples can go on as successful streaming formulas have barely begun to be developed.


On this one I have a toothy grin, for it's long been the case that as much as is there is overlap, I think the number of football fans who are not of the NFL or the NCAA amongst Americans has only grown over the years.

Many people are not aware of the great regional variations.

Where I grew up in the Midwest in Indianapolis including a time before the Colts came to town overnight, most fans were of both the NCAA and the NFL.

When I moved to Metro Washington DC when out of college and ever since wherever else I lived in the country outside of the Midwest / Great Lakes Region, I have observed such a preference is definitely NOT the case with most fans though the sports media have had us trying to believe otherwise with their constant promotions and pitches during games for one or the other.

Now the powers that be shall be pitted against each other due in part to more choices than ever for viewing on big screens minus the exclusivity on broadcast or cable channels.

I suspect also that those fans of both leagues will be watching the games at the same time on different screens much like not that long ago on different TVs in the house.

The more some things change, the more they stay the same? :thinking: