NCAA Football Is Now Openly Pro Football

Just wanting to clarify your take on hockey. The majority of high level Canadian players play junior hockey for essentially nothing. Most of those leave home by the time they are 16, sometimes earlier. Some do go the NCAA route and receive a better education, but few of those play pro hockey and the best players play junior as that is the superior competition.

Junior players filed a class action lawsuit a few years ago as a result of what they considered to be their slave labour. Below is a link with more details. The NCAA is definitely lacking and exploitative in many areas as set out on this thread, but it is a relative paradise for the young Canadian hockey player compared to the Canadian junior hockey system.

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I saw that 30 for 30. I was aware of some athletes that went bust in general, but it was still an eye opener.

As popular as junior hockey is in Canada, this is unreal to learn about junior hockey from outside of Canada. My only knowledge before was that of rampant substance abuse amongst some players and hey, we were all young once so that goes beyond sport.


  1. Does the public health system pay for any associated injuries?
  2. As it's hockey, who pays the dental bills (that are not paid for by the public health system)?
  3. For tournament proceeds, do the junior players get anything in progression above whatever pay at all? It's not like those games are not well-attended and televised for high ratings and prime advertising right?

And I hope they win that lawsuit against the NHL for given the antics of the NBA colluding with the NCAA for basketball some time ago, of course the NHL would do just the same for hockey in Canada given the wide open opportunity to do so.

See also the tale of Maurice Clarett of Ohio State and the whole story of rife corruption and the NFL's heavy hand otherwise lost and buried before his criminal misdeeds.

At least ESPN had the integrity to tell the whole story years later in a 30 For 30, but they were part of the machine and problem for many such players and remain so for college football.

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They don’t get anything for the world junior tournament except the experience of playing against the best in the world and an opportunity to increase their draft stock if they haven’t already been drafted.

As far as I know they have both dental and medical covered as one of the “perks” they receive. They also receive room and board as they are billeted by host families. Very few of them, however, receive much of an education, although that is somewhat improved as the article sets out as at least they can earn a partial fee education. That was not the case in the past. I know at least a dozen guys who went the junior route who had varying experiences. In Manitoba and Saskatchewan many of them leave home even earlier to play in Wilcox, Saskatchewan prior to junior and receive an education while there. I grew up and at one time played with long time NHL’er James Patrick, uncle to Nolan Patrick, formerly of Philly and now with Vegas. He was a smart guy and back in the day was one of the few who played NCAA and actually received an education. He has coached in the NHL and is now the head coach of the junior Winnipeg Ice.

The lawsuit was settled for $30 million, but I am not sure who received what from that off of the top of my head. Another lawsuit has been filed seeking compensation for the sexual abuse many players suffered, but am unsure as to its status.

There was a Rom Com with Sara Jessica Parker years ago that ended up going to with a GF of the time -pretty forgettable movie -

but the one line I always remember is the pro football player character flips out about his wife eating something out of the hotel fridge - She says "why do you care you make 700k a year?" He says "that money has to last me the rest of my life. I am a blown knee away from teaching junior high."
That one always stuck with me then throw in how short the NFL career is there are a lot of people out there who were in the NFL for a year or two and then off to the real world with the rest of us.

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...and get thrown into the real world with a stereotypical "football degree" in something like "Media & Communication" or "Kinesiology" where you can't quite explain what the actual substance of the subject is...and neither can the player because the support tutors did most of the coursework for him.

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@Stickweld21 to your point above and to your points in the USFL thread, I figure this NCAA movement is one reason why the NFL owners are seeding or working with the lower leagues for spring football.

In many regards including this new reality on top of the prior reality under the table, the NFL simply won't have as strong a hold on the futures of as many of these players be their futures riches to bust (and sometimes prison) or in some entertainment capacity OTHER than football after college football.

"We ain't here to play school" comes to mind more than ever, but that was already heavy reality with the graduation rates and overwhelmingly most of the top college football schools plus consider all those who do graduate with soft majors and just how they did it to @JSC 's point.

Relatively unscrupulous wealthy men who comprise the NFL ownership know well, usually well ahead of the crowd and society, when something new has arisen so as to threaten any part of their business empires. They don't stand idle when a real threat arises, and these are men of action.

But we call out their actions for what they are or are not unlike their generally lapdog NFL media.

If it's pro football then why aren't they paying the players. Oh wait because those that own the teams still believe in SLAVERY.

You should keep up on how the players are paid now openly over and above what some have been paid under the table for decades and well before SMU, The University of Miami, USC, and Ohio State and on and on.

Take your time catching up.

What are you on about ..slavery?

Scholarships to some of them programs are good pay enough no?

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Are all the players paid?

No and you knew the answer so why ask?

The thread is about what is out in the open now versus merely under the table.

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I read a quote by HOF QB Damon Allen - he quipped that his brother Marcus Allen had to take a pay-cut when he left USC and went to the Raiders. Damon said his brother had two new cars at USC, a nice apartment and was paying rent on his mom's apartment.


Didn't want to start a new thread and it seems not many people on this site are much into junior hockey but this is somewhat related as concerns new ownership of the Niagara Ice Dogs in the OHL and alleged past behaviour of the past owners. Some perks for players going on here as well perhaps:

"Over the past three years, the team has been embroiled in a couple of controversies including a sanction from the OHL for alleged secret side deals paying players above the OHL maximum allowed in the standard player agreement."

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Reminds me of those who insisted the Olympics were "amateur" sport

I really just love that the college football landscape has been turned upside down and is absolute chaos - The stakeholders that used to hold all the power are now looking around and saying WTF just happened? The NCAA thinks they are going to make rules on this thing - good luck with getting that tooth paste back in the tube.


It's a clusterf.... that's for sure.

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the NCAA waited way too long to make reforms to their antiquated system -

This is a very revealing statement:

“If a school does not have a collective with a mission to benefit that school, it’s behind,” said Darren Heitner, a sports attorney in Fort Lauderdale, Florida."

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Crowdfunded collectives - the old guard just has to be wondering what in the heck happened - The system was working for Nick Saban and now the rules change and schools can outbid Bama for a players services -

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