NCAA fines Penn State $60m

Penn St fined $60mUS (approxiamately 1 year's football revenues), 4 year playoff / bowl ban, and all their wins since 1998 (causes Paterno to drop down the list of all-time winningest coaches).

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I read different things about the drop in scholarships from different sites...

Some say the lose 10 scholarships this year, then 20 per year for the next 3 or 4.

Others say just ten a year.

According to TMZ (yes I read stuff there sometimes too lol):

ALL PSU players can immediately transfer out of that school to ANY NCAA school without losing ANY eligibility and they do not have to wait a year to play.

In addition, ALL players can basically quit playing for the football team and just pursure their degree at PSU while maintaining their full scholarships.

The penalty is harsh, but I wonder if it goes far enough... I'm not sure why the NCAA didn't give PSU the "death penalty"-- shutting down their football program entirely

It almost seems like they are trying to kill it slowly or at least severely disable it without giving it a death penalty. These are all tough sanctions like you said, Sambo, but I too wonder if they go far enough.

Almost anybody who knows anything about football knows about Penn St and the storied football culture there. There is supposedly over 500,000 living alum from that school. Im sure most of them still cheer for the Nittany Lions. But what was covered up was just terrible. I mean, we dont expect to hear stuff like that in North America. It is evil enough that Sandusky did what he did, but for a school and for a head coach to cover up possible abuse like that is just plain wrong. This goes beyond football.

Then you see pictures of those misguided Penn St students who were hugging and protecting the Joe Paterno statue and it just makes me roll my eyes and think "Get real". Like I said it is bigger than football.

I guess anyway you look at it, they had to make it at least this severe. Coverups of this magnitude are totally unacceptable. But as I have found out in life, even people who you admire and think as a youngster are “perfect”, sometimes aren’t so “perfect”. Children, everyone beware of how much trust you put in people.

Very true Earl.

When you consider also the damages, legal fees, and fines to be paid via the civil lawsuits as will take years plus for other violations of the law, I'd say the punishment is far from over and what's been done is enough already.

I'm happy they are letting current players transfer should they wish to do so.

"Happy Valley" as the area is known won't ever be the same until at least 2021.

I feel bad for the school and the students and even Paterno's family, but as far as the fans, the state, or the football program there is no way I feel sorry for them given what I've seen from the likes of them for more than 20 years and having lived in that sorry state of PA in general for two years though there was even some good at hand within the City of Philadelphia.

I haven't done that much reading on this but I'm wondering how many other people in high places knew of what Sandusky was doing and did nothing? :?

How many we will never know, but I guarantee you given the insular and corrupt culture and political organisation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the number is more than we'll ever know.

The same goes for what happened at Syracuse as has yet to be seriously investigated though will re-surface before too long now that the victims and their families via Penn State have more legal muscle to help them as well.

Also not to be discussed, though part of the picture at every major sporting event including the Super Bowl, is no doubt the organised global network of child sex trafficking with corridors running through many of the powerful folks. As sick of a subject that is, obviously it's not one most folks would care to hear more about let alone not even thinking of the possibility as is harsh reality.

The NCAA acted strongly enough to avoid letting the investigation and murmurs slip down that ugly road as must be addressed by other means and route all the same.