NCAA Bowl Season & CFL Connections

Couple interesting articles for those wanting to keep an eye on potential future CFL Talent in conjunction with the 2015 NCAA Bowl Season.

From Justin Dunk ... a list of some of the Neg List Players appearing in Bowl Games.

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From Canada Football Chat (CFC) ... a list of Canadians that are currently on NCAA teams that are appearing in Bowl Games this year.

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Thanks for posting, It will make watching bowl games a little more interesting

For instance ... In today's 5 Bowl Games alone (Dec 19th) ... there are 23 players on current CFL Rosters that call the competing schools their alma mater!

Nothing to do with any CFL connections but a funny line from Brent Musburger doing the play-by-play with Canadian Jesse Palmer who is the analyst in the 1st quarter of Brigham Young's game against Utah in the Las Vegas Bowl on ABC. BYU had turned the ball over the first 5 times they had the ball and trailed 35-0 before the 1st quarter was even over.

Musburger - 'I feel sorry for the Mormon fans of BYU. Jesse - they don't drink! This first quarter would drive anybody to drink.' lol

BYU are trying to make a game of it now back to within 21 points and seemingly with the momentum now in the 3rd quarter.

Thanks to Fenderguy and the Dunkmeister. This is so much easier than going through the rosters of all the NCAA teams. Yeah, that was my old school solution back in the day. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

A couple interesting potential TiCats notes for the two bowl games today.

Bowling Green QB Matt Johnson is on the TiCats Neg List. GoDaddy Bowl @ 8pm on TSN2.

From Justin Dunk:

The Senior quarterback returned from a broken hip in 2014 to set single-season MAC records passing for 4,700 yards and 43 touchdowns, marks previously held by Ben Roethlisberger and Chad Pennington respectively.

Currently rated the #21 QB in his NFL Draft Class. [url=] ... &genpos=QB[/url]

Here's a recent article:

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The other interesting player to keep an eye on is Juwan Brescacin of Northern Illinois. (Alma Mater of Courtney Stephen btw)

Brescacin is a big, and I mean BIG WR! 6'4" 230 pounds. Native of Mississauga. Currently ranked the 11th best prospect for the upcoming CFL draft. Seems to be having a little bit of a down year in 2015 but has solid numbers in the previous two years. Could be an interesting player as far as TiCats needs in the upcoming draft.

Husker’s QB Tommy Armstrong is on the TiCats’ Negotiation List. Here's a bit of info on the Junior QB from Nebraska.

Saturday, December 26th, 2015. 9:15pm. Foster Farms Bowl. Nebraska vs. UCLA. (TSN2)

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As far as Canadians playing today goes, UConn has 5 players on it’s roster. None are in their junior or senior seasons. Though one of the best prospect is probably freshman kicker Michael Tarbutt from Grimsby.

[url=] ... us-buffalo[/url]
Michael Tarbutt, a 6-foot-0 kicker from Buffalo, New York comes to UConn with a slew of awards in his trophy case. He is a 2nd team USA TODAY All-American, 1st team All-New York. His team went 12-0 his senior season, capturing a state championship and Tarbutt actually earned offensive MVP honors in the game.

UConn's newest specialist has got a leg. He hit a 60-yard field goal in the New York state championship game, breaking the school record which he previously held of 52 yards. It was the second longest field goal in New York state history.

Tarbutt kicked in a total of 11 field goals his senior season, which was a Western New York (WNY) record, and the fifth most in state history.

Would love to see Barrett up in the CFL.
But then again, I said the same thing about Troy Smith :oops:

We just need Derrick Henry in the lineup at the start of 2016 and I think we'll have an alright run game this season :smiley:

He was indeed impressive but those who are generally manage to land an NFL contract.