NCAA Bowl Games/Scores

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#1 Clemson Tigers vs #3 Michigan State Spartans for the Nations NCAA Title.

Ok, what exactly is the Nations NCAA title? That's a new one to me.

National NCAA Football Championship Game - Cotton Bowl Winner vs Orange Bowl Winner.

Some CRAZY bowl games today.

  • Exhibit One - SNOW at the SUN Bowl all the way down near the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas! Washington State beats Miami in a game that ends in a snow storm

  • Exhibit Two - Pinstripe Bowl in New York City at Yankees Stadium - with Duke beating Indiana 44 - 41 in an overtime thriller! Yes we are talking about a football game - not a basketball game between those schools - lol - Duke's first Bowl win since 1961. A WILD game that has had a bit of everything with a ton of huge plays including an 98 yard kick return for a touchdow, an 83 yard running play for a touchdown and ending in controversy with Indiana thinking they had tied the game but the field goal ruled no good. (It seemed to be almost directly above the upright but the Indiana players were insisting it was good.)

  • Exhibit Three - Independence Bowl Virginia Tech and Tulsa - and it is an absolute shootout at the OK Corral. I checked at one point and the score was 17 - 14 just seven minutes into the game! It is now 45 - 31 for Virginia Tech with 76 points scored and 700 yards of offence and it is only at halftime!

CRAZY stuff!

55-45 Virginia Tech leading Tulsa with 7 minutes to go in the 4th Quarter

Rose Bowl - Stanford 35-0 over Iowa at the half 8)

Boy - what a disappointing set of one sided games over New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. Both semi-finals not close with Clemson beating Oklahoma by 20 and Alabama routing Michigan State 38 - 0. Throw in lobsided results in the other bowl games and it was really a disappointing two days of NCAA football.

Rose Bowl - 45 - 16 with Stanford coasting the entire second half
Fiesta Bowl - 44 - 28 for Ohio State over Notre Dame - and never really looking threatened.
Sugar Bowl - Ole Miss dominating over Oklahoma State - 48 - 20
Outback Bowl - 45 - 6 for Tennessee over Northwestern
Citrus Bowl - 41 - 7 for Michigan over Florida

Pat,I am an NCAAF fan, (USC, Univ of Tenn and Penn State) but have to admit this years Bowl games are simply boring. There were many more regular season games more enjoyable.

#2 Alabama vs #1 Clemson

Georgia - 24
Penn State - 17

You could have stopped with Bama and the Tigers.
Bad Bowl season USC lost, Penn State lost, only the Vols won.

Bama wins on Jan 11th.

Odds; Crimson Tide (-7.5) Go Tigers on the upset.

The way the Bowl games are this year I would be afraid to bet on any team. Right now I'm watching Oregon and TCU in the Alamo Bowl with Oregon leading 21 to ZIP in the first quarter. The 15th ranked team leading (destroying) the 11th ranked team.

I hope you hung around for the rest of the TCU - Oregon game Challenger. TCU looked awful without their quarterback who got suspended before the game for getting into a bar fight and a confrontation with San Antonio police the other day - but once Oregon lost their starting QB to injury Oregon completely stalled and the TCU backup QB suddenly found his groove and TCU scored 31 second half points to push the game into overtime. I had given up at 31 - 0 but happened to check-in again after the Leafs game ended and it was 31 - 17 so I watched the rest and it was wild!

TCU then won after 3 rounds of overtime 47 - 41! Tied for the biggest comebac k (31 points) in the history of Bowl games.

Morning Pat,
I watched the game, no matter how good/bad I watch. Yes, when the QB went down so did the entire offense and TCU picked up on it.

What a fantastic National Championship game last night. That 40 point 4th quarter by both teams - was incredible! So many big plays.

The ballsy onside kick by Bama after they had tied the game on a field goal 24 - 24 with ten minutes left - immediately followed by a big play touchdown to go up 31 -24. Then after Clemson quickly moved down field for a field goal to make it 31 - 27 - then Alabama has a huge 95 yard kick-off return for another touchdown to go up by 11 with 7:30 to go. 17 Bama points within about three and a half minutes.

But give Clemson credit they did not give up. They scored to make it 38--33 (missing the two point convert)- and Bama had another big play of over 50 yards down to the two yard line to set up another touchdown to go up 45 - 33. But not done yet Clemson scores another touchdown with 12 seconds left - and it was not totally Bama's game until they recovered the Clemson onside kick attempt.

What a championship game!

I did enjoy it. The defenses were brutal but offense sells and there was plenty of that. Love to see that Clemson qb Watson in the CFL one day. Not going to happen though I would say.