NCAA athletes can now make money from their names and likenesses

It will be interesting to see what sort of rules they end up with for this.

Good especially for some that had those bogus degrees and are left with nothing for their time ; if they didn’t succeed in getting that pro lottery cash .

I guarantee they come up with some lame reforms and rules.

This is only a pre-emptive move by the NCAA to mitigate more legislation since they lost in California after substantial opposition and threats.

If they had been truly for reform, they would have worked with California instead of investing in only opposition.

And ESPN has had overt influence for over a decade now and is no friend to much but the status quo either, so they are in bed with the NCAA.

Beware "reporting" by ESPN. That's the same outfit that knew what the Miami Hurricanes were up to for decades yet did a documentary to glorify them only before lowly Yahoo! sports exposed the corruption and cover-up. Then they tried to do a clean-up piece.

The stupid bowl game system will be amongst the early reforms as well given that racket at hand. ESPN is the dominant player in those regards too.

ESPN and the NCAA seek only to prolong the status quo as long as they can do so.