NCAA 12/13 CFL Roster Update

Hey all, so I have been working away at this during the offseason with hope to have all ready by FA day.... tomorrow.

If you own NCAA 12 or 13.... hopefully 14 when it comes along... you probably know about the Teambuilder option.

I have updated all attributes based on player statistics from 2012, combine results and fan input. And now the work is complete. I have noticed that I may have made a few spelling errors, so if anyone catches anything let me know.

I will update the rosters throughout the offseason and the season.

To find these just search for flpanthers28 and the list will appear of the 9 teams (OTT included)

Because updates reset the downloaded counter last years updates never got picked up by anyone after the first week. So if you find that the counter has changed to 0, something has been changed on that team. I will try to post on here to let everyone know when full updates are complete though.

Version 1.0 - Feb 14, 13: All rosters, attributes up to date. Note Some retired and free agent players appear in the rosters at this time.

Just wanted to say thanks for this. Really got into the CFL for the first time last season & this will be great during the offseason. I have a ps3 & was wondering if the rosters are for the ps3 or 360 or if it matters? Keep up the great work & keep us gaming fans posted! Until the CFL gets its' own game, this is the next best thing for me.

Got any idea when the next updates may be coming?

Sorry for lack of replies... Was not sure if there was alot of interest... or not. Checked the other day and there are a few downloads. The problem is that once I change something the downloads reset and people dont find them to use them.... I plan to work on my last 3 teams (EDM, TOR, WPG) and maybe have them ready ASAP

I have completed 5 teams to bring them up to Week 2... SSK, CGY, BC, MTL, HAM

Apparently they work on 12, 13 and 14...

Wil maybe start a facebook site to state when updated and take suggestions. But yeah, please download them to increase the popularity and I will do quarter season updates, etc. Plan to also do the after season ratings revamp quicker this year to have things in place for the Dec Expansion draft too!

Expect TOR to also be brought up to date this weekend. Edmonton and Winnipeg are a little more work, so will aim to ahve that done by mid-week.

All teams 100% updated with all players who played during Week 2. If enough interest there will be updates at least every 3 to 4 weeks.

Includes ratings based on last years stats, teams tendancies based on last season, and any players who changed teams were added to rosters as well.

Any suggestoions or comments are always appreciated!