NBCSN and ESPN2 announcemnt

as per www.cflmedia.ca 5 July ESPN2 games and 14 on NBCSN with Western and Eastern Conference Finals
and the Grey Cup. from Wyoming excited about it, but would still like more broadcasts. don't get espn3 here.
and looking forward to annual trip to Regina this time August 17th Saskatchewan vs Montreal.

Does anyone know what regular season games are being televised ??

How awesome is this! It's progress for the great game in the US!

Perhaps it was last year's ratings as the reason NBC Sports Network won't televise also the first playoff games like last year, but oh well.

For those of you outside of Canada who don't have ESPN3, as is the case for me as well in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, no worries I will help you with that with links on here on the game day threads as will others.

The feeds usually come via TSN or ESPN3 anyway but occasionally also ESPN networks based in either Australia or in the UK.

The only thing that sucks about ESPN3 are the annoying commercials as are re-run throughout the broadcast.

ESPN is shutting down its operations in the UK as well as in much of the world outside the US before too long though.

The 5 games that will be shown on ESPN2 are as follows:

Sat. June 29 -- 3:30 ET -- Saskatchewan at Edmonton
Thu. July 4 -- 7:00 ET -- Winnipeg at Montreal
Sat. July 13 -- 9:30 ET -- B.C. at Edmonton
Sat. July 20 -- 7:00 ET -- Montreal at Calgary
Thu. July 25 -- 7:30 ET -- Edmonton at Montreal

The only regular season game we know about so far on NBC Sports Network is the season opener:
Thu., June 27 -- 9:00 ET -- Montreal at Winnipeg

No other games are listed so far for NBC Sports Network. Last year NBC Sports Network also showed the same number of games: 14 (9 regular season including the Labor Day double header, the playoffs and the 100th Grey Cup), beginning in late August. I'm hoping they pick games up in earlier in August this year following the conclusion of ESPN2's run.

As for the Division Semi-Finals not being included this year, remember that last year MLS playoffs interfered heavily with the playoff coverage and at least two of the playoff games were tape-delayed if I'm not mistaken. Maybe this year all the games will be shown live, which would be nice, but would have to exclude some of the playoffs due to MLS.

So that would mean 16 regular season games will be televised within the 19 week CFL schedule.
5 ESPN2 in July
11 on NBC SN not on Sat or Sun during the NCAA or NFL season. Plus even less chances to show friday night games starting end or August through October with a bulk of Friday Nights having MLS soccer games.
It does appear that we will see a bulk of these games from opening day up to Labor day

Great news for the CFL fans in the U.S. I am somewhat disappointed that the networks don't show everything. What I mean everything is that they don't show every week. There is a few weeks they don't show in the U.S. It would be nice to have some sort of arrangement for the U.S. network to show a game each week for the whole season, rather than missing a few weeks in August. It would be nice if the CFL could make a new agreement in place with a 3-year contract with the U.S. network having a say on which slot they want to show during the regular season every week without compromise the TSN scheduling for 2014 and onward without changing the play-off and Grey Cup schedule. IT would also be nice not having to make the U.S. broadcast announcement every year in June and the U.S. fans can mark the game on the calendar to watch a game during the season during the winter or spring time.

It looks like the US networks have chosen to live through Montreal through July too given that 4 of the 6 games scheduled for TV involve Montreal. Three of them involve Edmonton too.

That would be great but the Networks both have other commitments on the one night that would be perfect for a CFL game of the week. ESPN2 has a bulk of college football games scheduled for Friday nights starting in late august and NBC SN has the same for the MLS starting in late August. All of ESPN's Cable TV Networks are full with College football on Saturday and although they do not show Sunday NFL Games on Sunday they are still married to the NFL with pre and post day NFL shows on Sunday as well as games on Monday Night. They do have to have some programing on sudays though and maybe the future would hold any Sunday CFL games. Montreal plays a nice amount of CFL games at McGill on Sundays with CIS McGill football taking the Saturday games.
NBC SN has stated that it will not show any regular season games on Saturdays NCAA or Sundays NFL.
CFLs best regular night beginning in the fall would be friday nights with US HS football being its only competition football wise and although very popular in a lot of Areas and Hotbeds in the US, Not everyone attends HS football games every friday night likethe masses that watch NCAA on Saturdays and NFL on Sundays


Thursday, June 27 – 9:00pm ET – Montreal at Winnipeg
Tuesday, June 30 – 7:30pm ET – BC at Toronto
Friday, August 2 – 9:00pm ET – Hamilton at Edmonton
Monday, August 5 – 7:00pm ET – Winnipeg at BC
Friday, August 9 – 9:00pm ET – Saskatchewan at Calgary
Thursday, August 22 – 7:30pm ET – BC at Montreal
Monday, September 2 – 5:00pm ET – Edmonton at Calgary
Tuesday, September 3 – 7:30pm ET – Montreal at Toronto
Friday, September 6 – 9:00pm ET – Calgary at Edmonton
Friday, September 27 – 10:30pm ET – BC at Winnipeg
Monday, October 14 – 12am ET (10/16) – Toronto at Hamilton
Friday, October 18 – 12am ET (10/19) – Calgary at Edmonton
Thursday, October 24 – 7:30pm ET – Winnipeg at Toronto
Friday, November 1 – 12am ET (11/2) – Montreal at Toronto

Sunday, November 17 – TBD (11pm ET) – Eastern Final
Sunday, November 17 – TBD 12am ET (11/19) – Western Final

101st Grey Cup
Sunday, November 24 – 6:30pm ET Grey Cup

Most of the games in October/November are tape delayed and shown at a later date…

On a plus side, they are giving us 14 regular season games + 3 playoff games, for 17 games total. Last year it was 14 games total including 9 regular season and 5 playoffs.

I was wondering why I woke up to the sound of a choir of angels singing today. Cannot wait for next week even if I will have to watch a few Alouettes games haha.

I prefer the TSN feeds. The commercials are better. :thup:

Just be sure it's 16:9. :cowboy:

For the regular season, 17 games on NBCSN plus 5 games on ESPN is sure a great improvement over only 9 last year due in some part to the Olympics on NBC. Let's be thankful for this trend.

I'll be watching plenty of CFL action online in place of college football action on Saturdays this year too.

I could care less about most college football any more given the sham that it is and given that ESPN has ruined it too.

For the most part, all days but for Sundays will be for the CFL for me and then also Sunday evenings if the NFL lineup for those games is not compelling.


I don't like the tape delay thing. What's the point when you can log on to TSN and watch a game on VOD shortly after it's over. Last year they had the Eastern semis on tape delay but the Western live, so if you tuned into the West game they already announced the score of the East game.
But at least there are more games televised this year and there are other ways of watching the CFL live on the "unofficial sites"

besides firstrowsports.eu where are other RELIABLE sites to watch the games from especially like on my ipad?
again no espn3 here. thanks for any help

No one wants to commit to showing CFL games going up against NCAA Sat and NFL Sunday. up through labor Day and ending with the back half of the Calgary vs Edmonton game on that Friday night there is a solid schedule of games being shown on TV after that however only two live games will be shown and 3 midnight tape delay on NBC SN to finish up the final 8 weeks of the regular season.
A Friday night game in each of those weeks would be a great way to finish the final 8 weeks but ESPN has NCAA football commitments and NBC SN with the MLS.

Finally!! Took them long enough but on the bright side the NBC schedule seems to have better coverage of all the teams.

How come the ESPN2 schedule is not posted on the schedule page?

because the company that updates CFl.CA isnt the most professional, the CFL schedule is up on ESPN 2 though

[url=http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/type/live/channel/espn2#type/upcoming/]http://espn.go.com/watchespn/index/_/ty ... /upcoming/[/url]

The first game is on ESPN2 tonight Saturday at 7PM and then this Thursday at 7:30PM. Then that's it for ESPN2 this season.

NBCSN coverage starts again Tuesday 07/30 at 7:30PM and that's it for July.

Then there are four games in August on NBCSN.

I will continue to post on the game thread at least one link for those watching from outside of Canada for games that I watch online too.

It's a rough find otherwise, but that site is quite reliable and I watch from my MacBook going to a larger monitor.

You will experience common interruptions if not using a high-speed wired connection, but most of the time even WiFi works fine any more.