NBC's football analyst..

Don't now if anyone else saw this but i was watching the pregame for the redskins-ravens game on NBC and they were showing the highlights of the Bills-Dolphins game. Right before they showed all the bills issues during the game (sacks, int, etc) one of the guys said it looks like the CFL wore off on the Bills. I almost want to drive down to their and slap this guy across the face....espessially during a game that was 16-3. How often is a CFL game 16-3 for a final score let alone after one quarter.

I'm glad Chris Berman is open to a different form of football (NOT AN INFERIOR ONE) because this guys ignorance has me absolutley irrate.

I probably should have waited till i calmed down before i wrote this but i'm sick of ignorant americans automatically assuming the CFL is crap without probably ever watching a game.

I heard that; I had the TV on in the background, so I wasn't entirely sure what he was referring to.

I agree 100% Green. The american media (especially sports) is...has been...and always will be pro american everything! ours is the best.....we can't do any wrong.....the world models themselves after us.....And when you're listening to even a second rate announcer (like you were) you get a glimpse of the attitude when they say underhanded things like that. Trust me he said that on purpose and for a reason. 'Because americans were watching the game' and we will not have any american finding out how good the CFL is! Fortunately some american sports fans (myself included) understand this and do not listen to such childish remarks made by a 'so called' professional.

i heard what they said but i didn't understand it at all. the reference was so vague.

i don't understand why NBC wants to put down the CFL. We don't compete at all with their network and their analysts know zero about our game.

I hate this cocky attitude from Americans. It's American so it's better.

We don't need billion dollar tv deals and 100 million dollar salary caps. We survive perfectly well on our own with you guys. (It's true, we paid off our loan to them!)

The funny thing is, we know about their league inside and out but they know nothing about ours!

This board confuses me. In some threads, people just tear the NFL a new one, and talk about how people who don't like the CFL should be tarred and feathered. These same people are then up in arms when an American, NFL analysts disrespects the CFL. Don't dish it out of if you can't take it fellas.

The difference is we know the NFL. Most Americans dont know jack**** about the CFL, they just think it sucks.

Hey Adkon
I dont care what the Amerians think of us.
They haven't got a clue anyways.
But what bugs me is when our own media runs us down in favor of them.

OK, I find it funny how people are upset about this. I'll fully admit that it was a stupid comment to make. But are we really going to turn this into a big thing?

How many people on here have said the NFL is boring and dull and lacks excitement, etc?

The post wasn't really directed at you.

And by this point, I think everyone knows what bugs you.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Like I told the other guy.
At least when I peruse this site I post topics for discussion.
What is it exactly you do here?
Anyways, now that the last football gamein Canada is finished, there really is nothing left to talk about.
Certainly outside of a few educated posters, nobody worth talking to either.

Aww, did we upset you, Berezin? :frowning: You say there's nothing left to talk about, but I know you'll be back soon to complain about this Toronto writer or that Toronto writer, or how dumb Ted Rogers was, etc...

Theres a big difference on here maybe 100 people (guessing) might read us bashing the NFL, and even then we have no "professional accreditation" so people just shrug it off as speculation. Where as this commentator had 10 million people and being in a position of influence (when it comes to football) his comments have alot more of an impact than what someone might post on a forum.

Comments like the one mentioned are nothing new. why ? because there is only one other league in the world for the nfl to be better than, So everything negative points to the cfl. it goes like this a sack or incomplete in the nfl is good defence, in the cfl its terrible offence lmao ,it will never change im resigned to it. Now in reality can anyone take the lower half of nfl teams seriously? i mean really? Detroit , sf, ? lmao. And another thing, if the nfl payroll has gotten so big that their teams cities cant afford them and they have to go begging or make back room deals with Canadian monopolists conglomorite and TRATORS ! then what does that say about the almighty nfl ?

What are you going to do? I suppose in some ways it's flattering though, sort of like a great player getting booed in the opponent's stadium or arena. But do you blame them when a lot of us, me included, make fun of the US at times, and what some of us say No Fun League? Tit for tat but yes, this guy has a lot more listeners. But I'm not going to get in a knot about it although if I ever see the guy I'll punch his brains out of course. :wink:

What isn't helpful are blanket statements such as "They (Americans) haven't got a clue".

I'll totally agree that some Americans who should know better haven't got a clue, such as the guy who make the snide CFL remark mentioned above, but to holus-bolus heap Americans into one giant ignorant pot is both incredibly arrogant and ironic.

Canadians are not immune from ignorance. So please, SOME Americans are clueless about the CFL. SOME Canadians are overly defensive about what Americans think of them

The point is that there are no absolutes. Sure some people say things on TV they probably shouldn't. It happens all the time, but MOST people do not do this. Whether they are Americans or Canadians.

QFT mass, this was nothing more than an interim bail out for the Bills by some rich Canuck, and to top it off, their product (NFL) appears to be failing again outside the USA (Europa went over well). The only thing left to do, is slag on the people who reject them. It's the American way. The CFL and it's fans, don't go around professing to the world that our brand of football is the best of the best. We're happy with it here at home, and that's all that really matters. The American media is never happy unless their the best at everything, and especially hostile when their rejected.

IMHO the best solution to save the Bills and keep them in Buffalo.---would be to Join The CFL!!! :cowboy:

Hey, I'm American, I like the CFL. Who was it anyway, Olbermann? That sounds like the kind of @#$% that would come out of his hole.

At least we won't get the "the sky is falling!, the sky is falling!" posts from him anymore... :wink: