NBC to shut down NBCSN

I've attended close to 100 Arena/indoor football games in the past 22 years or so. Once had season tickets for the NJ Reddogs/Gladiators and later the NY Dragons who often drew larger crowds than the Islanders. Ironically enough, I think Vince should have went the indoor route the first time in 01. That was when the AFL was gaining interest nationally after Kurt Warner's SuperBowl win. The original XFL "Wrasslin" gimmick would have connected with the arena fans better than traditional football fans. The AFL crowds in the early 2000's were large, rowdy, and had a carnival like atmosphere. The Florida teams were always the best attended, Tampa in its hey day drew 18k+ and had a few games around 30k at the old ThunderDome. Orlando always drew close to sellout crowds pre 2008 shutdown and Jacksonville still draws 8k or so in whatever Mickey Mouse league they're currently playing in.

As for the rules I'd like to see if a merger comes to fruition. Elimination of the fair catch is near the top, although I would like to see the kicking team be able to down the ball as well. I'm in favor of CFL sized fields and 12 on 12, however I feel a compromise to 4 down football may be needed. Keep the XFL kicking rules, the CFL overtime and clock, and keep 1 man in motion like the original XFL and AFL.

I saw the Toronto Phantoms play in their one year of existence. I had a good time, no better than I had at NHL, CFL games though.

But sorry guy, a merger has to be through expansion. Red Bird buys 2 expansion teams and plays under CFL rules and regulations. Any changes to the Canadian rules is a non-starter. When RB bought into the 2nd tier French soccer team in Toulouse, did they demand changes to league rules over there: No, so why should they demand rule changes when the bought/merge into the CFL.

If RB doesn't comply, they can go on their own and fail a third time. And RB knows that is what will happen to them if it restarts the XFL a third time

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We only got to see a tiny (and I mean TINY) amount of Arena Football in the UK, but am I right in thinking that in the league's heyday starting players (or at least the starting QBs) could actually make a full-time living from Arena ball?

It would be funny to see The Rock go down the indoor route though - then the championship game could be called the Jabroni Bowl.

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That's correct. From 2000- the first shutdown in 2008 the average salary was $50k with top players making $200k+ with bonuses. Once the NFL owners came on board they slowly turned the league into NFL Lite. Free agency created parity, but also robbed cities of the one or 2 players that were hometown heroes. Getting rid of Ironman, changing the timing rules, and charging NFL prices for tickets all chipped away at the leagues bottom line. When they shut down after the 08 season the debt wasn't immense, but most of the big name owners had mentally checked out and the revamped league in 2010 was a shadow of its former self.


Thanks, I just searched for it incorrectly and could not find it. Sounds like maybe some money to help with Grey Cup but I don't see a lot more.

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