NBC to broadcast CFL games

The NBC Sports Network (NBCSN) announced Friday it will air nine regular-season games and the playoffs, including the championship finale in Toronto this season. CFL commissioner Mark Cohon applauded the agreement saying in a news release: “We’re proud to share one of the biggest events in the long and storied history of our league with our fans south of the border."A U.S. telecast agreement with NBC Sports Network, will help us market our league in the U.S., recruit import players, and spread our brand of football."

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Excellent and thanks for posting this. :thup:

here is another article on this from TSN


very cool...it's been 30 years since NBC televised a CFL game...no Bomber or Rider games though...barring playoffs.
Wonder what the financial details are?

Monday, August 27
7:30pm: Edmonton vs. Toronto

Friday, August 31
7:30pm: BC vs. Montreal

Monday, September 3
1:00pm: Toronto vs. Hamilton
4:30pm – Edmonton vs. Calgary

Friday, September 7
9:00pm: Calgary vs. Edmonton

Friday, October 5
9:00pm: Hamilton vs. Edmonton

Friday, October 19
10:00pm – Edmonton vs. BC

Thursday, November 1
7:30pm: Hamilton vs. Toronto

Friday, November 2
9:00pm: Calgary vs. Edmonton

Sunday, November 11
Division Semi-finals

Sunday, November 11
Division Semi-finals

Sunday, November 18
Division Finals

Sunday, November 25
Grey Cup Championship: 6:00pm

Edmonton fans in the States should be very pleased with this, as they're playing in six of the nine games.

This could backfire big time though. There are 3 games in Edmonton, 1 in B.C. and 1 in Toronto. These are easily the worst T.V. atmospheres in the league as these stadiums look half empty at the best of times. How could they not televise from Sask or Winnipeg where the atmosphere is through the roof and would show very well on T.V., comparable even to College games down there?

I am actually fairly surprised they did not have at least 1 of each team in the rotation, but you will notice they avoided weekend games like the plague...likely a factor.

I wonder...if this has potential for being picked up long term, will they move the playoff games off of Sunday? Probably not, because the next best option is Saturday, and that would put it up against an even bigger football machine!

odd schedule indeed…
and the Esks are in 4 of a 5 game broadcast stretch as per that schedule. (including 3 home games)

Hopefully American audiences will not tire seeing the same team involved repeatedly during that period.

Leaving Saskatchewan and Winnipeg off the schedule is certainly perplexing.
You would surmise that the league would prefer to showcase diversity and breadth of the league instead of retreading the same teams in a short tenure.

There must be a specific explanation for this broadcast submission......what exactly, I have no clue. :?

I like this because I think it brings us one step closer to a CFL Video game.

How do you figure?

This deal was obvious made after the schedule was set and NBC wisely does not wish to compete with NCAA or NFL. That leave whatever happens to be on Thursday and Friday and the holiday Monday games. They had little choice.

I agree; still good news for NBC and the CFL; I wonder who the play by play guys/gals will be?

Better than no coverage at all and does put some cash in the coffers. Every dollar helps. And I'm sure the CFL would rather they show on a day when Americans might watch rather than compete with the NCAA or NFL which is a guaranteed losing proposition in the US market.

Maybe Rod Black will get some exposure south of the border and someone will realize he's a perfect fit for FOX News :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Even Rod Black is too smart for Fox. :lol:

Maybe I don't see the big deal here, but NBC's sports channel is a very small basically brand new channel in the states. Its not like anything will be shown on the main station.

Too bad they are exposing there viewers to some of the worst CFL football there is with Toronto (even after the improvements).

If they are smart they wont let Rod Black do the games. I can only imagine the viewership #'s down there if they do.

Can you imagine how many times a game Black will feel the need to define a rouge, that there are 12 players per side, and that the field is wider/longer...
Heaven forbid there is a quick kick or something and he relates it to Rugby for 45 minutes

you mean like this CFL play?


As far as the edmonton thing is concerned... note they are showing the labour day game and labour day return with Calgary and Emonton. IMHO... this is the biggest game of both those weekends. Kind of the staple of labour day and the return. I appologise if i have offended fans of other teams by saying this. I have always felt the battle of Alberta is the best rivalry in Canadian sports, if not North america.

We also dont know what kinda of research was put into the it. Perhaps the eskimos are the most popular team in the areas they surveyed. Some really great players have come and gone from edmonton... most noteably Mr.Moon.

Its much like the AFL league we get from down under on TSN. one game a week typically and almost always the same team.

I haven't watched it yet. Let me guess, Toronto/Montreal at Skydome, last play, field goal then 3 more kicks? Is that the play. Kreskin eat your heart out. :wink: