NBA Playoffs

Ya, Ya, this is a CFL Forum, i dont care, if you dont like basketball go away.

just like to hear your thoughts on the NBA, who are you cheering for, whats ur predictions, etc.

Me, im cheering for the Heat, and i honestly think they’ll win.

go Nash and the suns, at first i didnt think they could play with bigger teams, and keep up the up tempo style but they have and nash is puting up almost jordan like numbers , if amre and the matrix can support the suns will win, and for ur Heat, shaqs ailing and Zo is old and done, det def is too good, wade will be laid out every time he drives yeah he ll get fouled but will he last the game or even the series

for Wade, he’s lasted the season, and be more concerned about ur Suns players puting up 40+ minutes a game. Shaq has had an 11 day precautionary rest, and Zo is playing like every game is his last, he brings so much emotion to the team. they also got Damon Jones dropping threes, and they have the best bench of the four teams remaing IMO.

First of all, your’e right this is a football forum. I am surprised that you are not posting this in an NBA forum someplace. For you too be arrogant enough to tell FOOTBALL FANS IN A FOOTBALL FORUM to go away is a poor poor choice of words.

My first response was, Why the hell should I? Why don’t you go away to a basketball forum or general sports forum if you want to talk playoff basketball? I would have been fine if you had left out the “go away” You have been vocal enough in your response to other poster when you disagree with their points of view, yet you want to have “carte blanche” to talk about whatever you want and we can’t have an opinion on that?

Have you run out of things to talk about regarding the CFL. What kind of response would we get if we posted something about the CFL or NFL on the main NBA site? Ya guess I went a little overboard again, but that “go away” kinda ticked me off.


what i meant is ignore this thread, which you obviously havent.

i dont wanna join an NBA forum cuz im not that into basketball. is it so bad that i want to discuss something other than football here. im sure there are other people here who are watching the NBA playoffs, and maybe it would be nice to discuss them.