NBA Players Boycott Playoff Games in Protest

...such a troubled state of affairs down south, I’m not sure how it gets resolved without some sort of major reset...can it be fixed with minor productive steps?

Perhaps, as long as we avoid gratuitous cheapshots/slams like Black LESBIANS Matter.

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And you think that guy is reasonable let alone sensible given all his posts prior to this including all deleted? Jury, please deliberate and return with a verdict.

I am not waiting now.

I don't see it when one side is marching with guns in the streets as many obviously would wish would be ignored. Remember Lansing MI? That was no protest. Those who know their history know that was a coup. They have never been about democracy, and we knew that before Lansing c'mon now and to portend they are about peace is vain and ignores so much history.

You can't tell a cheap shot from the truth. Check it out before you lambaste me. BLM is a deeper pool than is presented to the sheep by the media.

Except for the usual crap about the previous generation being the cause of all problems, this clip tells it like it is with the last few lines. Sidney is such a good actor !
Video for guess who's coming to dinner clips 2:38

What deleted posts?

This today's syndicated article says it all.

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I know a lot of lefties don't like the Toronto Sun but it was always a paper that printed the truth and common sense. This article is exactly what some of have been saying here in recent weeks...Why don't BLM and their cronies use all the stats, not just the ones that make them look like victims. I know why. It's because the truth is boring. Nobody cares about what you didn't do. Lies and sensationalism garner headlines. We live in a society that allows our politicians to lie right to our faces and then all is forgiven. Well I don't forget. I remember the liars....Screaming and yelling like schoolkids gets attention. I think they need a spanking.... I can't recall who said "The first casualty of war is the truth." And this is a war. It is a war between lies and the honesty. Between professional victims and people who just want to go to work and go home to the wife and kids. Between millionaire basketball players pouting and nurses fighting to save lives everyday. If everyone would just go home and chill out but the whiners and crybabies never stop shouting "Poor me",
Good find ArgoT.
Got me on a roll. I've been reading this site and I gotta wonder why the powers that be let anyone disparage our league on it's own homepage and forum but go bonkers on CFL fans that say Boo about any other leagues. What 's that all about ? Got me scratching my head.

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...think I understand what you're saying Dan, but could you clarify a couple thing for me please before I attempt an answer? what do you mean by 'homepage'? and, what constitutes going bonkers on CFL fans? maybe an example of where a CFL fan has been treated unfairly when they said boo? thanks man...

Thanks Dan.
Yes never let the facts get in the way of a phoney mostly untruthful message.
Where have the NBA players been during the Commie regime in China with all of the human rights abuses that we can state for years.
Silent that's where because it's all about the untapped China market.
You remember the HC for one of the NBA teams that recently came out against the abuses I believe it was the wiggers.
They threw him under the bus.
As for this protest, again all about the democrats and electing corrupt sleepy Joe.
Yes some of us here do see the hypocrisy and believe in the rule of law.

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...the NBA's relationship with the Chinese government is certainly alarming, the kowtowing for overseas money is pathetic...

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As you perceive it ...

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Well Dan has made it clear what and who he is many times on here. It's just best to consider it to be true and leave it alone.

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Dan is right.
At least in the Toronto Sun that I subscribe to there are columnists from both sides of the issue.
Which was/presumably still is failing miserably by comparison in the left loonie liberal Toronto Star that I also subscribed to years ago.
The very reason I no longer as there was never any conservative point of view, also like the Globe and in the US similar to the Times and Post.


So allow him to define reality?

There is fault to the right and to the left and at the centre ... to only ever critic one or two of the three positions is the opposite of truth.

I too read the Sun, and would suggest there are regular columnists from the far right, the right and the right of centre ... with occasional guest visits from the centre-left and left ... I agree with some that is written but too many just regurgitate variations of a theme ... over and over again.

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Nothing but crickets can be heard from Labron James as a challenge was issued by the Sheriff of LA police department. This, after that despicable assassination attempts last weekend on two cops sitting in their squad car in the LA suburbs of Compton, one of the highest crime regions, by a thug who walked up and started shooting.
The Sheriff went on TV to challenge him to come out and speak against this crime against the police and to match the $100,000 reward leading to the arrest.
The last I heard the reward money has come in from all across the US and is in excess of $300,000, but still nothing from the NBA or James.
These people and the league makes me sick with their hypocrisy and they should be called out by every law abiding citizen.

Why should he respond?

"But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across professions, races, creeds and I'd like to see LeBron James step up to the plate and double that."

Villanueva insinuating James doesn't respect the lives of non-black people is a totally disingenuous tactic. If you ask me Villanueva should apologize, he's the one looking like a fool here.