NBA Players Boycott Playoff Games in Protest

There is a large part of me that hopes all leagues stop playing this year to get the attention of society.


Charles Barkley gave a great interview where said white society has no real interface with black society and either do religions. Very insightful.

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“Police are trained that this type of restraint with the subject in prone position is inherently dangerous,” the criminal complaint against Chauvin says.

The other former officers stood by and did nothing to stop Chauvin which is why they too were charged.


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No matter how you cut it shooting a guy in the back 7 times while his 3 kids are three feet away is just so wrong.


I Like Barkley has a very even tone to him he says there is a double standard . Nobody asks white players about the entire white community but black players are suppose to represent the entire black community .

Even though he approves of the boycotted game he has been a breathe of fresh air at times and has the courage to disagree against the mob .

My response to Hank01 is in regards to the George Floyd case.

If you listen early on when he is kneeling he is able to talk and say the exact same thing he says before being in the prone position "that he cannot breathe " . They have been complacent as to the complaint .

Also they are trained just like here to kneel on the head or the back area when cuffing . Not sure why they pulled him out of the back of the car they will have to answer as to their reasoning unless Chauvin told them to but it's not usual . Again they might have felt comfortable for the senior officer to take command as would happen here .

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One could almost copy the same response for every one of the cases when unarmed black men or women are shot or otherwise killed by almost all white cops and in the case of Ahmaud Arbery, they were not even cops!

So today why was a guy carrying a rifle and also shooting in Wisconsin not gunned down in a hail of police fire!?

Now, well, there will not be peace. It's been coming for quite awhile.

The reactions are predictable and hardly surprising when you know history - Chicago Atlanta Portland Seattle et al 2020, Ferguson MO St. Louis 2014, South Central LA April 1992, Watts LA 1968, Newark 1968, Washington DC 1967, Jamaica 1960s, and so many others!

Looting and all always have been the voice of the unheard or dismissed after routine peaceful protest had gotten us to such police and other racial brutality.

You forgot Detroit .

Like to think time has changed police from the 1960's era .

The police though brutalize white people it's not as much a media storm .

Not being funny but 7 shots and not a fatal shot from that distance is unreal .

Police are not trained to kneel on heads or necks, or directly on the spine, or to make any intentional blows to the areas.

Though not police, I have had some of their training and it was by police.

Many false claims are being made by these apologists for murder by any reasonable and legal measure.

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They are trained not to use that hold because of how dangerous it is.

I’m not sure how that’s the case as my post was specific about the restraint hold used on George Floyd. It does apply to other cases but not every.

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Yep they are when cuffing but no not on necks but on the head and on the back of course .

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It has not despite all the efforts or so much of this would not happen. Most get that only in 2020. You don't.

I myself have questioned 3 relatively new officers, subordinate to the most guilty one, were also punished to the extent they were.

Manslaughter may the the most provable in court, but clearly provable. No way are they trained to kneel on a guys head that long, unless maybe he has hold of a dangerous weapon he wont let go off. Pretty sure that was not the case here.

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No when cuffing that is also not true, and that's not what you wrote before so obviously now you are writing your own deep racist narrative all the more. Now you can get lost.

Good grief your strange .

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Yes tell me about your police service work .

Tell me about yours.