NBA Players Boycott Playoff Games in Protest

Due to developments in Wisconsin the Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott Game 5 of their series. Within minutes players of all 6 teams due to play in three Game 5's today joined the boycott and all 3 games are postponed.

An unprecedented landmark moment in sports marked by anger of players and coaches alike with what is happening south of the border these days.

To quote Lebron James in a tweet 'F%%K this man! We demand change. Sick of it.'

And here LA Clippers Coach Doc Rivers (whose Dad was a cop) his pregame press conference taking an abrupt turn just past the two minute mark.

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I am pissed at these a hole cops and I am one who tries harder than most to be supportive of police. It is bad enough to want to shoot this guy for any reason, but to be stupid enough to do this in this situation. Did they not get it. Did they not have a clue that they were probably being recorded. Did they not understand the flack and condemnation they would get. Did they have no clue the trouble they would cause,

Everyone negatively affected by riots and such should be able to sue these guys and their employer.

I dont blame the players, specially the black players, for being fed up. I dont blame them for not wanting to play. Now personally I dont give a crap about NBA and MLB, but I will be double pissed off if this interrupts NFL.

I dont know how many pulled the trigger, but I have very unchristian desire to punish them in ways far beyond what ever will actually happen to them.


So judgemental on something you have never had to encounter in your life .

Have you ever been in the cops position in your entire life ?

Is it too difficult to comply with the police for some people ?

Your out of touch with any sense of reality to the situation .

You did not see the Floyd cam in it's entirety ?

You nor I have seen the whole tape on Blake ?

It is pretty evident he is not complying with their commands .

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As far as suing anybody the businesses etc.. are suing the left wing nutty mayors in Seattle and Portland for not protecting their businesses and Not allowing the police to do their jobs .

you are right in that the victims dont help their situations by just complying with the police and not trying to be difficult to aggressive. However, in both cases, the response by the police was overkill and unacceptable.

Its like a person driving along and seeing a pedestrian crossing against a red light and saying, good enough excuse to deliberately run them over.


Courageous stand for what the players believe is the right thing

It's never wrong to do the right thing.


I havent been the cop, but I have been in situations involving them. I also watched a lot of cops shows over the last 55 yrs. Of course that really doesnt mean anything but I had to throw that in there. I have enough understanding to be able to intelligently read a situation. Just like I have a high enough sports IQ to identify play quality in ice hockey, even though I have never played.

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Hope you mean the real cops where they follow them around and not a TV show . :smiley:

I hope your being sarcastic .

They have every right to peaceful protest like everyone else even if you disagree with it.

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Not sure you are aware of the facts on Floyd at all the reaction was over kill .

Did you see the entire body cam of Floyd ?

What are you talking about they are walking off their jobs as basketball players . Who cares ?

Apparently you by your responses.

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some of one. a lot of the other

A man was murdered by an on duty cop. How do you over react to that?


sure hope this is not the start of NFL interruption

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First of all he should not have kneeled on his neck I agree that the responding officer Chauvin most likely committed manslaughter if the autopsy and medical is done that show it was a contributing factor but if they do practice this to restraint on people it will also depend on their actual police training .

SO How was he Murdered ? He wanted to kill him ? His motive for murder ? Did he kill him because years ago they worked together at the same club ?

He had fentanyl and meth in his system . He had stated he had Covid . He stated early on in the vid he could not breathe . He was acting irrational and hyper from the first second of interaction with the first police officers contact .

He most likely died of excited delirium . The body cam footage does not show those two officers acting maliciously or over reacting .

Just one of the four officers .

It's Chavin who carries the weight as to why he knelt on his neck for an extended period of time knowing he Floyd might have physical problems .

The other three officers who are not seasoned officers are doing the best they can with the training they have received .

A large paddy wagon may have saved the situation . Trying to get a large person even in the SUV's is a task . They should have been able to bundle him up but they couldn't .

Not sure why if they were scared of hitting his legs with witnesses or as to why they just pulled him out when they had most of his body in .

Lions have been skipping practice for decades .

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