NBA officiating "the worst"

Even worse than that of the CFL? :wink:

Raptors’ loss to Thunder proves NBA officiating ‘still the worst’

In the bad old days we’d look at Sunday’s game like some kind of referendum. Then, we’d get into the whole ‘Is DeMar DeRozan really on the level of Russell Westbrook?’ thing. But we’re better than that, now.

Unfortunately, we can still harp on how atrocious and suspect NBA officiating seems to be: shout-out to one of Sunday’s whistle-blowers, Marc Davis, for getting to the ACC in time after helping count votes in the Russian election. NBA officiating remains the worst and don’t give me the ‘it’s the hardest game to call’ garbage: it’s indoors so weather isn’t a factor; the officials aren’t on skates or anything and the ball’s a bloody big object. Yeah, NBA officiating stinks. At least we still have that.

They always show travelling violations in the NBA that go uncalled in the high lites especially when it comes to the big stars like Lebron . They seem to have different rules for different people .

NBA officiating is and has for a very long time been horribly tilted in favour of the league's marquee players and teams. That being said, basketball officiating from high school to USports to NCAA is terribly inconsistent. The officials haven't kept up with the talent of the players and the speed of the game. More than any sport I know of or have played, basketball is the one that poor, biased, or inconsistent officiating can drastically change the course of a game.

I protest the word EVEN :slight_smile:

I wonder, if it had been the thunder that lost, all other things being equal, would sportsnet still have the same anti officiating article? Not that it matters to me as I don't pay any attention to BB.