NBA(leagues) in crisis about for CFL???

We all know the NBA is facing a crisis surrounding one offical, and possibly more, being involved in a betting scandal. Im sure you can site other leagues that face similar crisis'. But I ask what about the CFL?

We havent had to sweep anyting under the rug, because globally nothing the CFL does is important. Or have we? I can think of several incedents over the years that the CFL should have lost support over or at least be embarressed about. I'll start us off here but what do you think, if we actually had a league that the world notices, should have sunk the CFL's ship by now?

No drug policy is my biggest concern. Enablers are not well looked upon in society.



Im saying the league has to step up and seperate themselves from drug users whether they be perfomance enhancing, narcotics, or stimulants.

Off the top of my head the Reggie Slack incedents in Saskatchewan in the late 90's were handled poorly. As a result of not having a system in place that trumps the labour rights of the player, these events and others were able to shine a bad image on the players, clubs, and the league.

I dont believe we have anything firm in place that trumps the labour rights enforced by the CFLPA.