Naylor Pan Am Games Article

Another interesting article. The piece talks about Ticat relocation and Naylor speaks about Troop saying no stadium for Hamilton unless the Ticats are involved.

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This should be no surprise to anyone except the Mayor.

CFL: This article was posted earlier today. It's on the long "stadium talks" thread.

Which of these communities have pledged a nickel?if we(hamilton onknighht not you outr of towners like yourself Foxcroft young braley and others who no longer live here)lose this stadium I will attribute it to young and braley having a business interest in a non hamilton stadium and not a citizens'interst in revitalizing hamilton.

It not bob Job to Bring Hamilton into 21st Century it the Hamilton City Hall's Job
The City has Failed not bob Young or The Ticats.
There just a Tenit Right !!! According to you Wonderful Mayor Fred
It time to leave the Sinking Ship of Hamilton ..all Aboard for Burlington

On that note it can easily be argued a new stadium for the Cats should not be a tax payer exspense it should be a Bob Young exspense. There is probably a majority of people who don’t want this stadium period. In this case it has to work both ways really. There has to be something outside just a stadium for the Cat’s and something outside just urban renewal for the city. A middle ground that will mutually benefit both. As it stands both currently want it to only benefit themself. If this fails the I put both parties equally as guitly, but the Cat’s have to take blame for not bring much to the table other then 10 points on the map. No investors have jumped and said they will give naming rights if its put in said place. If there is Bob its time to let the Cat out of the bag. It’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Show us how this will be better benefit to the city. Naming rights won’t fetch much anyway.

It is disappointing to read in the Naylor article that Ron Foxcroft has apparently admitted to introducing Bob Young and Scott Mitchell to municipal contacts outside Hamilton about moving the Ticats. If this is true, Foxcroft has damaged his credibility as a spokesperson for the Hamilton sports community.

Here is the quote from the article:
“I got several calls from mayors and leaders of municipalities that wanted an intro to Scott and Bob, which I did,? said Hamilton businessman Ron Foxcroft, a significant player on the city's sports and business scene. “I will not say who they are because I would be betraying confidence. But that's that truth.?

it is time for bob to quit playing the country bumpkin and suckering everyone in with his "aw shucks" personality .. he is a ruthless businessman and in my view it has been his goal to move this team to burlington for quite awhile now...he floated the "aldershot" option a long time ago.

up to this point the only folks with any cash at stake in this deal is the taxpayers...bob an his supposed cronies haven't committed a nickel officially

yet to read it, it is big bad city hall beating on hometown hero bob young...when did ron bring bob to these other mayors?

the week before bob and his crew submarined the city by saying no harbour stadium?

is that negotiating in good faith? while the city is preparing to build a stadium bob is out meeting with other mayors?

does that not smell fishy to all you bob young butt kissers?

now, the argument will go "bob saved the team"...absolutely he did, but the taxpayers have also anted up...he keeps all the revenues, we pay all the bills for the stadium....

too bad he bled us dry and now if he can't get HIS way he will pull up stakes when another city will pay up....

i will not spend another red cent on this team until bob and scott come clean.....are they committed to this city, or are they committed to the city that writes the biggest cheque...