Yes this from the same anti CFL guy, David Naylor from The Globe actually with a positive.
It's not what we already did not know, but it is refreshing when it comes from the mainly negative Globe.
Now if only it came to pass, new stadiums in Winnipeg, Regina, Hamilton and at least one half new in Ottawa and a refurb Montreal.
Then this league can steam roll into the east, Quebec City and Moncton.
With new stadiums, new teams, I'll bet you the franchise fees just like Jeff Hunt states about the OHL going sky high with new buildings, would not be surprised how the same comparison will skyrocket the CFL value to $25M+.

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It’s really about time.

Couldn't agree more, we have to bring the CFL and the dumpy and very old stadiums out of the dark ages.
If you build, more and more will come.

Good article. It's strange, you hear from Cohon and the odd column that the Ti-cats are pursuing a new stadium, but I haven't read any articles with specifics. Are these drives exaggerated or is all the magic happening behind the scenes?

dmont- I love your signature and this may be petty but the Roughriders while changing their names to the Roughriders in 1924 have actuall been around since 1910.

good news about the stadiums though. I suspect that the stadium in Regina will only be upgraded and not replaced.

All set... any other historical inaccuracies I should be aware of??? anyone???

good article!

For starters....
The Montreal Football Club was formed in, I believe, 1872.
The Als definately date from 1946, not 96.
I think you'll find your dates are wrong for Calgary, Winnipeg and Hamilton as well.
Other than that.....

The Edmonton football club weren't named the "Eskimos" until 1910. They were also known as the Boosters for the 1920 season. They folded more than once (in 1924, and sometime in the 30's.) The unbroken lineage of the modern day Eskimos began in 1949.

Much like today if/when Ottawa returns to the league, they can't claim they have been around since 1876 (no matter which name they play under).

On the other hand, if football lineage is the determining factor, then the Tiger Cats can trace their roots back to 1869 when they were known as the Tigers.

Great article! a great illustration of how important modern facilities are to a gate-driven league. A new stadium could mean the difference between a $500,000 loss and a $2,000,000 profit. At that point franchise values would skyrocket, and given the success of current teams, would make the possibility of others wanting to invest in new franchises for themselves and their communities all the more likely. Also, with the League's new found wealth, the salary cap could increase thereby increasing the chances of attracting/keeping top talent.

Monday in answering a fan's question
at the State of the Franchise evening

Bob Young said that discussions are quietly going on

with the province, the federal government, the city,
and the Tiger Cats about building a stadium here

in connection with the Pan Am Games
possibly coming to the area, dmont.

Good article and well written by Mr. Naylor.

Without the enormous T.V. revenue the NFL gets

I think saying that the value of CFL franchises
would sky rocket is a bit of an exaggeration.

Rather, I would say that CFL franchise owners
would have viable businesses that would likely
make a little more profit in the good years
and enough money to break even in the bad years.

Owners who own real estate around their stadiums
or operate allied businesses could do somewhat better.

A new stadium automatically attracts new fans. Its a proven fact. This right away will increase CFL teams profit margins.
Even after the honeymoon period wears off, the worst that could happen is the league will return to the position its in now.
Which is averaging over 30,000 a game, and being number two in TV ratings.
I say it will lead to a boom in Canadian football.
But nice new modernized stadiums will go a long way in changing the CFL's image. Some of these horrid rattraps they play in now will have to be condemned soon.
Maybe a few new cities like London and Moncton will get on board as well.
Could be approaching a great new era in the CFL.
And I've been calling for new stadiums for the past year. Guess Cohon must be reading this forum?

Yes berezin, Mr. Cohoon and every CFL exec from coast to coast are always eagerly anticipating your next sentence and what great pearls of wisdom they can inhale from your prophetic words. 8)

Effin right buddy.

Owners have to walk a fine line with their rhetoric. The more that they claim that they would be able to make ($), the more governments can make the argument that taxpayer money need not be involved - the argument of "do it yourself and reap your own rewards" goes up. Mind you, even at the high end of Mr. Hunt's estimate (missing out on up to $3 million/year), it would still take a lot of years to get back an investment of, say, Asper's $65 million ... apart from the exploitation of the real estate, of course ...

Im wondering what the Ticats could be making 3 mil on(with a new facility) that they cant make now? If they do build new in the Hammer i hope its a replica of I.W. (and make Hooters the vendor) :stuck_out_tongue: -IMHO a far better experience to wach a game there than the Sky Dome

Yes but there is this little thing called financing costs related to construction! This could be more than the extra revenue. And for anyone that thinks a new facility means significantly less operating costs, sorry but that is just not reality.

Personally I have ownedoperated both new and old buildings and the per sq metre operating costs have been basically the same over a 5 year period.

This is very good news. Hey hey my my, C F L will never die