Naylor Article: Bruce's Agent Contacts Ticats

This article by David Naylor on the Globe and Mail website tonight reports that Arland Bruce's agent received permission from the Argos on Wednesday evening to contact other CFL teams to gauge their interest and the agent has already contacted the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, believed to be Bruce's first choice if he cannot play for the Argos.

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No thanks.


I honestly don't want him here.

He could put up some #s but you don't want hit 'tude to ruin the chemistry that has been built up so far this year. A guy like this can split the room ala CP.

Well I'd love to see Arland in Black and Gold.

Obie seems to be showing some interest. After all, he tried to get Bruce prior to the start of the regular season. A trade to the Hammer might be just what he needs to wisen up and would be an outstanding addition to an already strong receiving corps. We'll see what happens. If Obie can get him to grow up, which I believe he can, we'll have another deadly weapon in our arsenal. Hard to turn that down. I'm saying yes.

Poll time.

Sure bring him here...just make sure guys like Otis Wilson and Dan Goodspeed knock him on his immature, narcissistic a**, preferably on the sideline in front of the crowd and his teammates, everytime the ah* does something stupid...

Who would we trade though?

If Obie wants him, wait until the Argos release him.

8) Bruce is a cancer to any team he goes to !!! If Obie wants to destroy everything he has been building here in Hamilton, then by all means go after Bruce !!!
  If he does, then I would have no sympathy with what ever the long term results are of having a headcase like Bruce on the roster, with regards to team morale, and dissention  !!!

Who's to say the Argo's will release him though? I see Obie doing something like Drisan James and a draft pick or a couple draft picks for him. Just as long as we don't go overboard trying to get him, it's fine.

At the first sign of team destruction he'd be the first to go, don't worry. Obie doesn't put up with that kind of stuff on his team. Bruce used to get away with his antics and thought that would always last. Now that he sees that people are serious about this and it will come down to more than fines, I'm sure he's going to change. Nobody will put up with it anymore, and i'd look forward to seeing the professional version of Bruce on the team.

Let Arland go to Winnipeg , along with Printers. They can eat popcorn together!! :lol:

Winnipeg is a haven for head cases!

Let him go there.

Hey, easy there. Winnipeg's already got great receivers and there's probably a good chance of Bruce coming here and I welcome it. Like I said, you cannot pass that kind of talent over when you've been the bottom feeders for almost a decade and at the first sign of trouble, he'll be off the team anyways. It's a win win. Either he'll calm down and become a star in Hamilton, or he'll remain being a goof and be getting his cheques at the unemployment office. Bring on Bruce!

8) At the first sign of team destruction, he'd be the first to go , You Say !!!
  Bt that time, the team could be destroyed by internal dissention  !!!  You obviously haven't been around long enough to know what this kind of an idiot can do to a team !!

 I've seen it many times in the past  !!!

 You claim Bruce is going to change !!  Not a chance with a headcase like him  !!!  

 The "professional version" of Bruce as you state, is to be out of football completely  !!!

  Did you not see what Kerry Joesph and Bart Andrus said about Bruce  ????????

Did you not see they both come from the Argo's, where Bruce's antics have been pretty well encouraged up until now? Can you blame the guy for thinking it's cool and only getting away with a slap on the wrist? He's serving his punishment now and knows that coaches are serious about him needing to change, and he'll probably want to make Andrus pay for wanting to get rid of him and will play like the star he is for us.

8) You just don't get it, do you !!! :roll:
 There is no "I" in the word Team  !!!

Chemistry is overrated.

I would take him on the Ticats in a heartbeat.

A motivated football player is a dangerous football. And I mean dangerous in a good way.

  • paul

A definite Cancer not only in the dressing room but on the field as well.
We are on the right track just have to fill a couple of holes on D