Naylor and Simmons organizing Argos Group section @BMO

Dave Naylor and bandwaggoner Steve Simmons (yes, Steve Simmons) will be part of an Argos section at BMO which they are in the process of organizing...

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@TSNDaveNaylor & @simmonssteve putting together group to sit in #Argos section at @BMOField. If interested tweet at or contact them. #CFL

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@TSNDaveNaylor & @simmonssteve want to form #Argos group. Sounds similar to @BoxJBoys for #Ticats. That kinda deal. Very cool. #CFL[/b]

I don't get it. This will be their home field. Should virtually every section be an Argos section? (Except when the Ticats play there)

Well, what is the deal with the BoxJ boys in Hamilton?
Isn't that a "supporter's group" as well?
I take these things to be generally STH who like to band together and support their team at games AS A GROUP.
It just intensifies the fan experience it seems, versus going to games and sitting with different people each time potentially.

I would consider joining this group actually.
Although Simmons...?

They used to sit in a section called Box J. Hence the name.

I don't think the name would have caught on if they'd tried to call themselves "the Tiger-Cats Group" or "Ticats section". Everyone in the stadium is in a Ticats section. Might as well say you're in the "humans section".

Then again, I guess we're talking about a team and fan-base whose level of creativity is epitomized by its official cheer: just shouting the team name repeatedly with extreme elongation of both syllables.

(Sorry - couldn't resist)

Yes, I get the name thing.
That's usually how a lot of supporters groups get their name. Supporters' groups are most common in soccer I believe.
I'm sure that such a group at Argonauts games won't be called "Argos Supporters' Group". Supporters' group is a descriptive name for the type of organization.

Oskee wee wee. :wink:

I think the idea is to create a rowdy, noisy area like they have with the TFC supporters behind the south goal. They wave the flags set off the red smoke bombs and non stop cheering the whole game. A dedicated fan club group.

I'd join if I lived in the GTA and was a season ticket holder. Why not?

Next thing you know and Stephen Brunt will be joining box Simmons hates everything CFL other than Leo Cahill and Joe Theisman.. Naylor pretends to like the CFL because it gives him some employment. He also met his wife at a CFL game in Vegas

At a football game. Sure. I'd probably tell the same story if I met my wife in Vegas.

When does the Rod Black and Matt Dunigan section open?

Looks like the new ownership is already using its clout with the media . . . let's hope it succeeds and continues. :thup:

Good point. Anything helps at this point

How much is Simmons paying to join his club?

I really don't "get" some CFL fans. The league needs all the attention it can get. We react with petulance when the CFL is either criticized or ignored. Yet when two media members with a fairly high profile want to band together to create a fan section in the new stadium, it's met with scorn and ridicule. :roll:

There are so few fans, I guess they'd rather them all sit in one section :lol:

The "we blue-men club" sounds about right.

Arash's crumple zone

Sure, call them the cabin boys, or the lifeboats. :lol:

The Sea-men section.

Okay, I don't know how no one has mentioned this, but your 'sinking ships deal since 1869' is at least FOUR years off. The Argos didn't exist until 1873(we didn't play the Tigers until October 18th of that year) , and by your recollection, that means you were capsizing random vessels before that. Not only that, but the fact that you claim lineage to the more than three clubs that make up the modern ticats is a fallacy because although many Hamilton teams have won the grey cup, to integrate them all as one is bogus as Hamilton incessantly does... by which I mean, hey? Wussup? :wink: