Nautyn McKay-Loescher

What are the chances the riders are interested in looking at a Canadian defensive end?

Pretty good. They alread have one. His name is Luc Mullinder (he can also play inside too). And they have another one on his way up eventually. His name is Michael Stadnyk.

Ti-Cat fans seem to think McKay-Loescher is too injury prone and that his back is shot so that is why he was let go. Ti-Cat fans probably have better insight on him than we do.

Oxbow ur to knowledgable :stuck_out_tongue:. as long as ti doesn't cost much theres no reason not to sign him, worst case scenario he gets cut at camp, big deal, its worth the risk, this guy can do it.

Look at his 2007 stats compared to his 2008 stats. His back is a HUGE problem for him (I believe he actually mentioned his back a few times this year as a reason for his drop-off in play). Even if his back is better, a back injury is one of those things that keeps coming back.

And he only has one move, a spin thing that he does, and he does it every play! A few times he ended up on the ground because of it.

If the Riders do sign him (and I'm not saying they shouldn't), he will be a depth player, and probably nothing more.