Nautyn McKay-Loescher

Is Nautyn McKay-Loescher hurt, he did not play yesterday?

He had a sore back and even though he could have played the coach decided to leave him at home just to be sure. He will play against Toronto for sure. We need him on that bad D line!

I hope he does play and Collier too cuz we NEED help in the pass rush looking back to last night.

free-agent bust so far, this guy better rack up some sacks and prove that he is worth the coin he's making.

Free Agent bust are you kidding me....Who's fault was it that he didnt play???
Just wait and see what he does, It goes to show you that they did his Pass rushing skills on that line....

A bust after one game that he didn't play in...with seventeen games to go...


I’ve seen some odd things said on here, but this one really takes the cake. :roll: :smiley:

He missed game 1 due to a bad back and it was the Coach’s decision. Let’s cut him now before we waste any more money on him :wink:

Nautyn McKay Loescher did not play in the game due to an injury, I am not even a tigercat fan, but my guess is if you lost that bad you may want to keep him, bad back and all!! :thup: