Nautyn McKay-Loescher

Picking up Chief was a great decision by the hamilton front office. Nautyn is a pass ruching specialist with a non stop on field motor. His numbers in BC were impressive considering his limited playing time. QB's facing Hamilton now have to deal with the fact that they could be sacked on each and every play. Given the chance to start now he will not let the Ticat community down, start the sack parade now, cause its coming to Ivor Wynn come 2007

Living near and doing business with the people of the Six Nations Reserve outside of Hamilton beside Caledonia, Ontario, on an almost daily basis, I'm happy to see a First Nations (Ojibway) player on our roster. Nautyn looks and sounds like the real deal and appears in his locker room video of today to be extremely grateful to be a Tiger-cat and very pumped.

Glad he chose to come here and I'm looking forward to see him drop some Quarterbacks on their butts. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this was a very good signing.


i really liked the fact he says he likes it here and that he plans on retiring here, thats wut i like to hear from the players! not o im gunna enjoy my 2 years here cuz when they say that that mean they dont care where they end up after. good for us on getting him, i gotta #9 amerson jersey but he never played the year the new jerseys were made so im just gunna go buy a McKay Patch n stick it on! Great Signing and im looking forward to seeing him be a tcat great for years to come.-

Nautyn - Welcome to the Hamilton Ticats.

I saw him on CH Morning Live this AM, and was impressed with his poise and professionalism. I, too, liked the fact that he wants to stay here long-term.